Halie & Rory Engagement Story

Photo Credit – Selfie Mobile Uploaded by the Happy Couple

A Christmas Engagement – Our Proposal – By Halie Thomas

So Christmas morning we opened presents at our house then we went to my Mom’s to open presents.
Then the plan was to go to his Mom’s in the afternoon for presents and dinner. So after opening presents at our house and my moms he was rushing me to get out of the house and go to his moms . I was mad because I wanted to spend some time with my family since we were going to spend the afternoon at his parents.
So after agreeing to go to his parents early we got in an argument in the car because I was upset that he was rushing my family stuff. We get to his parents and every one opens their gifts and on my last gift he comes and sits beside me. Still mad I ask what he wants and he hands me a tiny box.
He gets down on one knee and I open it and the first thing out of my mouth is “really after you have been an a-hole all morning?” lol!. Him looking shocked then said “Well can u marry an a-hole?” lmfao.
Wouldn’t have had it any other way. That’s just how our relationship is.
After the fact he said he had a speach that he was gonna say when I opened the box, but I guess I messed that up 🙂