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Hey folks, thanks for popping over to learn a little more about me, and why I do what I do.  My name is Jen and I’m a Guelph area photographer, yoga and meditation guide….. wife, and homeschooling mother of 6. Basically I’m a multi passionate /serial entrepreneur with a lust for life and creativity.

My family and I live in West Grey Ontario, which is about 2.5 hrs North west of Toronto; about an hour or so North of Guelph, and about 50 mins south of Owen Sound.

It also happens to be the most beautiful, magical place ever. Our 130 year old farm home sits on top of a 9 acre parcel of land, with one of the most magnificent views I’ve seen (outside of my travels in the Pacific North West, which over the last few years we’ve spent a fair amount of time).

We have the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets, making it a local favourite photography location. Hint: It’s worth the drive!


When Im not photographing amazing families and small businesses, I’m a home body.  I love to be outside, with my hands in the earth, growing vegetables and flowers to put on my table.  I love to blast classic rock and dance barefoot in the kitchen – twirling kids around and delighting in the sound of their laughter!

I believe we’re here to enjoy life to the fullest, and often that is just as simple as soaking up the little things in life!

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Wide Open Spaces


Long Road Trips


The Wind on My Face


The Song of the Red Winged Black Bird


A Great Cup Of Coffee on the Steps


Dancing Barefoot in the Kitchen


Making A Meal From Food We’ve Grown

Photographer, mother, women in business
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Photographer, mother, women in business


When you sign on to work with me, I treat it as a great honour.

Your investment in me is an investment in my family, and the lifestyle my husband Adam and I have worked so hard to make.

With your support I have opportunities to raise my children at home on our farmstead, giving them the experiences that I always dreamed of as a child.

You are very appreciated!

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