The Custom Portrait Art Experience

When my client(s) prepare for a portrait session they know they will get the finest in wall art and albums. Beautiful, high quality products are well worth the investment, with a wide range or options for full customization.

What you choose to create for yourself will be finalized during your reveal and ordering session, but is something that we begin talking about prior to our creative session, because I shoot for the art that you will ultimately cherish.

Custom Framing

“Dreaming after all is a form of planning” Gloria Steinem

During our initial meeting we will talk about how you want to be photographed, and what you’d like to see happen with the photos. You’ll be assigned a little bit of homework, reflecting on where are these photos going to be displayed and be cherished?!

Consider what it is you value..

Do you want your children to experience seeing how special they are to you every time they walk into the room?

Is it important to you to have smaller images that you can gift to family members, or keep discreetly in your nightstand?

Would you love an heirloom album become a the center of attention, and be passed down for generations?

Consider where you would love to hang wall art..

I ask my clients to take photos of the spaces they would like to display their images. In these images I am seeking direct, straight wall photos, as if you were taking a photo of your final styled wall.  Include your furniture, if any; and measure the length and the width of the space you’ve photographed.

These photos are used in my design software to help you decide between print sizes, and design, whether it be a large statement piece, or a collection of images to make a gallery wall.

Consider the colour palette..

Colour is discussed in our planning consultation as well, with your home and personal aesthetic as a starting place.  From here it’s easy to build our vision, and choose our wardrobe intentionally.

I’ll share more on wardrobe planning in upcoming post, but for now, I’ll wrap it up there.

I hope you found this guide helpful, and provided a fresh perspective on preparing for your creative session.

Realtor Brand Photos
wall art design and folios
wall art design and folios

How to Book A Style Consult

Whether it be a beautiful hand held album, folio, or show stopping wall art; preparation is key to take your dream shoot to the next level.

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