Fun Winter Engagement Pictures in Alliston Ontario   I love winter.  And who isn’t down for some fun winter engagement pictures?   I love when my couples are on board.  The crisp, clean snow, the fresh air… great excuses for extra snuggle time with your hunny.   Melissa & Justin actually had a 2 part winter engagement session – a family one, which I will post asap, with their adorable little girl Charlie, and then Gramma & Grampa took Charlie and I got to spend some time getting to know these two.  I really feel there is soooo much value in an engagement session: the couple and I get to spend good quality time together, and usually by the end of the session the couple is so relaxed that they 1) are really used to the camera which is AWESOME for their wedding day and 2) They get kickass photos of a time that is sometimes even more coveted than their epic wedding photos.  A time when in the middle of the hustle and bustle of wedding planning they get to sloooowwww down for a bit, and really just enjoy each other. SO.  What would any wedding photographer do, to ensure their couples have a little fun? Build an ice rink in their back yard? Why YES!!!! (Well, full credit goes to Adam… he’s a total rock star <3) The result? A super fun winter engagement photoshoot to go with their love story:

Fun Winter Engagement Pictures in Alliston Ontario
“Justin and I met when we were 13, it was the first day of ninth grade and we were in our second period french class. When I came into the class I took the seat across from Justin and we started talking. There was an immediate connection between us, but we ignored it. We became friends and started to hang out at lunch time, but never expressed our feelings to eachother. He dated my best friend, I dated some guy on the football team, and that was that. We flirted; played footsies under the table in class, typically young love behavior. Justin’s parents are in the military so they got posted to Edmonton at the end of that year – the day before he moved we went to Wonderland together and that’s when our feelings spoke true. We held hands and flirted some more, hugged a lot – never kissed.
We said our goodbyes and off he went; to live his life across the country.”
 A year or so later we were talking on good old MSN, and he admitted he liked me but never had the guts to tell me. I admitted the same and we left it at that.
Fast forward 5 years..
 Alliston  Engagement Photography Outdoors winter
We continued to talk on and off, but never consistantly. I had recently broken up from a serious 3 year relationship and Justin had done the same. We started texting again out of the blue, and continued to text. I was in College and Justin was working full time, but that did not stop us from texting all day, and being on skype all hours of the night. It was in October 2011 when we stayed up all night talking on skype about everything you could imagine. We were falling in love all over again.
 winter engagement photoshoot Alliston Ontario
November of the same year I decided to book a flight to Edmonton for that December. I got on a plane, and was flying across the country to see a guy I hadn’t seen in 5 years – crazy right? He picked me up from the airport and the first thing he did was kiss me (our first kiss ever!). He proceeded by saying “I’m sorry I waited so long to do that”. We drove back to his house and just hung out together for the week – we decided yes, there was definitely feelings there. Yes, we wanted to be together! Yes, we were exclusive!
We did the long distance relationship for months, visits in between and then when I finished school in May I went out to live with him. He proposed 5 months later, we found out I was pregnant, we moved back to Ontario to be a family.
And here we are, with a beautiful 2 year old, and an upcoming wedding in September. Took us a long time to get to this place but well worth the crazy ride!”
 Fun Winter Engagement Pictures in Alliston Ontario


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