Getting ready photos are the foundation of your entire wedding story.


It’s here that I capture not just the clothing, details and colour palette you chose; but your mood and anticipation that you feel as you get closer and closer to the time you will walk down that aisle and become man and wife.

It’s a time to capture the people who played a big part in your day; in a fully candid way, and also in a fun/cool way through creative portraits.

With all that said; do YOU need getting ready coverage? Do you NEED getting ready photos?.

My answer to you Guys, is No. No you probably don’t, if you’re looking to hire me.

Here is why I don’t think you need dedicated getting ready COVERAGE…. but I will let you decide if my approach to getting ready photos is right for you.

For the first bunch of years as a wedding photographer, all my packages came with 2 photographers.  The main purpose was to divide and conquer the Getting Ready portion of the day.  My wonderful second photographer would go with the guys (or when I second shot for my friends, I would go with the guys) and 9/10 this is what would happen:

The men would either be:

A) Not even close to ready – not showered, not all the guys in the same place, suits missing or whatever chaos seemed to find the guys on the wedding day… and the second photographer would be sitting around waiting… and then do “getting ready shots” in record time.



B) They’d be all completely dressed, leaving my gals with no details or moments to photograph, so we’d jump right in to doing fun creative shots with the guys, some portraits of just the Groom, pouring glasses of a vintage scotch; some lovely portraits with his parents if they are present , and some ‘faux prep’ shots if it felt right – such as “straightening his tie in front of the mirror, “putting on” his cuff links or Rolex.

Do You Need Getting Ready Photos?

So here’s my final answer on this subject:

You don’t need traditional getting ready coverage.  I’ve learned to do “getting ready photos” the Faux Prep style inside of 15 mins flat, a little longer if were going to do some formal portraits.  They can be done at the church or ceremony venue; or wherever you are actually getting ready WITHOUT HIRING A SECOND PHOTOGRAPHER IF… you feel this is a good solution for you.


grooms getting ready photos


You wont be able to get out of portraits entirely, but Im here to make things as painless as possible.

One more thing to consider – why not just get ready together?

Brides -Maybe you have been asking if you need getting ready photos too??? This post is for you.