Family Photography is special.

Brandi wanted to give her Mom a special gift this past Mother’s Day – so she called me to do a family session.  Pardon – An extended family session!

She gathered her clan: hubby Andrew, and 2 gorgeous children Abby & Jack.

She gathered her Mom and Dad – Rose and Gary.

And she gathered her sister-in-law, and nephew – Laney & Liam, and then we all went down to my favourite fishing hole because I’ve known this family for such a long time and I thought it would be perfect for a lifestyle photo session.  I don’t bring just anyone here 😉

It was a bright, sunny, warm evening; the family brought  few rods out, and the kids cast for a bit, while the grown ups watched. Jack hunted for flat skipping stones, broke a few records for most skips on the river, I’m sure.

Abby filled me in on her career assignment.  She plans to be a photographer!  Such awesome news!!!

Liam told me all about his lunch that day; pickles and cheese! He also told me about his upcoming trip on an airplane – a move out to Western Canada, where they are originally from.

His face lights up when he tells it.  Seems airplanes and pickles are where its at 😉

Johnson/Westcott/Shatz family, I hope I did you proud freezing this moment in time for you.

Liam and Laney; you will be missed immensely.


The whole clan together.

Laney & Liam


Rose & Gary

Romance by the River

Rose & Gary took off and let the kids play 😉

Abby chillin in the river

Watching the children play by the riverside:)

Future photographer working it on this side of the lens 😉


Thank you for reading this Family Photography story in Shelburne Ontario.

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