Hello again! I’m Jen, a Canadian elopement photographer and intimate wedding photographer!

Welcome to my brand new website!  The timing for the completion of this project is just in line for my total re brand announcement.  A lot of businesses re-brand for many reasons, but for me it’s because my values completely shifted and I needed to do this in order to serve my clients to the very best of my ability but also do what I love; and make space in my life for my family too.  For me that included a slight shift to become focused on being an elopement photographer/intimate wedding photographer.

The terms Elopement & Intimate Wedding Photographer have been getting used A LOT lately.  It can conjure up images of running away to be married by Elvis, but that’s not exactly whats going on here (usually). So what does it all mean exactly?  I think the definitions could vary depending on who you ask; but for me its this:



The way I see it – its You, Your Fiance/Fiancee, an officiant (Elvis, if that’s your thing; just make sure they are licensed officials to make it all legal), and 2 witnesses – which can be anyone you choose OR if you’re really doing this on the sneaky side – myself and my assistant would be happy to do the job 🙂

You can literally do this anywhere – there are no bounds. Unless there are signs that say “Out of Bounds” We wont go there.


Intimate Weddings:


For intimate weddings, you would have a few guests. Not a lot, like 50 – tops; think “VIP” list. These are great for couples who want a very family oriented day.  You might even have a bridal party, and some of the traditional events such as first dance or cake cuttings.

My decision to transition from shooting traditional weddings to becoming an Elopement and Intimate wedding photographer took place over a couple of years. I found myself enjoying the intimate weddings more, I truly connected with the couples AND their families; and just loved that the timeline was so relaxed, the couples were more relaxed.

I will be a straight shooter here – As of the date of this post; I have not yet shot an elopement.  But I want to REALLY bad.  I’m well traveled, and I’ve shot some pretty intimate wedding local(ish) ceremonies – in backyards, at traditional venues, at city halls – but I’m yet to shoot an elopement.  I want to document the special connection that you have, and the energy that I am sure you will feel during an elopement ceremony.

Because of this intense desire – I now have a bucket list – You can read my “Buckets of Goals” post next week.

In the meantime; if you are searching for an elopement or intimate wedding photographer, send me a message!