Twice now in the last couple weeks Ive had the opportunity to work with some Alliston photographer friends – this time in FRONT of the lens!

It’s a great experience and I highly recommend it to any and all photographers that they try this at least once.

Its a direct approach to getting an inside scoop at how your own clients might be feeling during a photo session. When another photographer directs you, not only do you get some new tips on poses, but you might also learn what works and how certain direction can come across!

Now Im lucky because I know some of these people so very well, that Im very much at ease with them – which of course makes everyones job so much easier.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; spending time with our clients, getting to know them; developing that relationship will end up with MUCH better photos!

So before I skip to the photos, here is my list of directive posing tips for other photographers for great photos and happy, comfortable clients.

  • Smile. Ok, not direction related – but your overall attitude and level of confidence will set the whole scene.  Don’t miss the opportunity to greet your clients with positive energy!
  • Chat with your clients while your getting your test shots in.  When your client arrives, they’re likely to be a little nervous.  Compliment their outfit, hair, makeup, or ask them about their day. Think about what it feels like to be standing there!
  • Show them some shots!  Some photographers wont do this; but I like to show my clients that they are looking fabulous – it usually eases their minds even more and you can dig in and start having some real fun.
  • Encourage them.  Your words are critical, but the old saying it’s not what you say, “its how you say it” is so SO true!  If something isnt working, instead of saying “This isnt working”, or “not a flattering angle”; try saying “Lets shoot over there, I have a great idea!” and just make the necessary corrections.  Be sure to compliment them often. It’s so nice to hear that you look great, or that they’re a natural in front of the camera!
  • Mirroring.  If you want a certain pose, sometimes its easier to SHOW someone what you want. So get your vogue on!
  • Recognize when your client might be getting tired.  We as photographers get super excited as we pull off amazing shots and just know our clients will be thrilled, but sometimes we miss cues that it’s getting old for our clients. Keep shoots short, or provide multiple locations, that provide a brief intermission; escaping heat or cold, and get time for a drink or a snack, and everyone comes back recharged.
  • Directive posing without Overposing.  AKA Organic Posing.  Provide opportunity that will lead your clients into poses without dictacting their every move.  This is an approach I use a lot with my engagements and couples. Example –  Instead of `give me a little laugh`, I`ll ask him to whisper something naughty in her left ear.  This gets his head I want it, and a natural, genuine expression from her!  Check out Jonathan Suckling‘s approach to getting a natural, spontaneous reaction from his couples in this youtube video! Warning – extremely funny!

Of course candids are worth their weight in gold, so don’t focus too much on getting the exact shot you have in your mind, and let loose and have some fun!


Maternity Photos!

Makeup and hair in the first series is done by the ever talented Alana Wagner MUA (Who also happens to be an equally amazing photography assistant!)

Jacket – Danier Leather

Lace Blouse, skinny jeans and raspberry sweather  – Motherhood Maternity

Boots- French’s of Nashville

Earings – Ardene

Belt – Aldo


Dawna Cox Maternity Photo


This first one is by Dawna Cox Photography

Terri Christine - Maternity Photos

Photo By Terri Kristine

Sunset Maternity

Gorgeous warm light and scrumptious sunflare by Jennifer Gilbert Photography


Another by Terri Kristine. I like the pose Im working here, and the rim light is awesome! I also like the movement in the sweater.  Plus, my boots… I mean seriously? They steal the show.

You totally can’t tell we were freezing our buns off, can you? It was BRRRRR COLD!

Alliston Photography Club

Group photo pull back by Mark Evers Photography

From my shoot with fellow Alliston Photographer, and close friend of mine

Kristin Peereboom Photography – ***Side note*** – Kristin and I have worked together numerous times, so I am at complete ease with her, we’re great friends, and honestly can be myself – even on that side of the lens. This is another reason why developing a relationship with your photographer is critical! I was able to more or less pose myself, and Kristin directed me to get the best light/angles/backgrounds. As you can see we make a stellar team!

Gown: Baby In Vogue

Flower Crown: Kristin

Necklace: Tiffany and Co.

Hair & Makeup: Me.

Maternity Photos

beautiful maternity photos


Secret Location Maternity Session

DSC_4165 WR

I could go on about this session forever, as it was perfect – the temperature for early March, my secret location, getting to hang with my friend; the overall mood and organic fee… it was all on point.  To see more of this session go to Kristin’s blog post here.


Thank you to everyone who sent me photos – likely my last baby, I truly appreciate the experience, and the love I recieved from all of you xo

While I focus primarily on wedding and engagements, I will be available for the occassional fine art portrait session June 2016.

For a few examples of how I apply the tips from todays post to a real life session, and the outcome; take a look at these posts.

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