Dear Ollie aka Love Bug

In 8 days you will be turning 2! I can’t beleive how fast the years are flying by.  I’ll never forget how you came into this world – faster than a speeding bullet – but I’ll save that story for another day!

I love watching you grow, and seeing just how similar yet so different you are from your brother.  Like Keith, you are a man of few words – but I know that will come in time and there wont be any stopping the flow of dialogue once it starts – and I cant wait! I will want to know whats on your mind and what makes you happy 🙂

You’re feistier than Keith.  You might have learned some of that FROM him, but you certainly dont hold any punches, and can take it as well as you dish it; so I don’t worry about you.

You’re as independant as Keith has been also.  This can be wildly entertaining as I sit back and watch you learn and grow, but can be equally as terrifying.

You’re my sleeper.  You nap well, sleep well, and I can lay you down to sleep in your crib fully awake withour protest.  I dont think I had to rock you to sleep since you were a few months old.  (But I would. Because I love it.)

Such a creature of habit! You have the EXACT same routine every day: You wake up super happy. (If you dont its because something is wrong…) and you play silly for a few mins staying in your crib, showing how cute you are. I ask you if you want to come out and you grab your big sheep and I have to hoist the 2 of you out at the same time. Night times are just as methodical.  We go in and you lay your head on my chest, we rock and sing for a moment- (and I have to make sure big sheep is accounted for first), and then I put you in your crib and you turn over to snuggle big sheep with your bum in the air. I put your (almost too small) blanket on you and rub your back for a moment, and tell you I love you. You are peaceful and cozy and happy. It makes my heart swell.

Night night Love Bug.

A few photos from when you were born.




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