Happy New Year! I cant believe have a broken foot.

Really its not – still New Year I mean; I cant believe that its February and Im getting to write my first post! This year has been a bang up year so far – all puns intended!

I spent New Years Day with my family.  Adam and I bundled the boys up and headed to Collingwood to check out all the ice sculptures, and just enjoy being outside.

Jan 2 – Adam was back to work, and I was trying to do the same.

I set Pearson down on the living room floor and noticed he was in the most divine light, and swiftly grabbed my camera to capture his beautifulness only to realize the card slots were empty (from being excited to transfer photos taken the day before in the same beautiful light… its an addiction).

Timing is critical when dealing with little pockets of light and 9 month old babies, so I swiftly went downstairs to grab the cards.

I still don’t quite know HOW I did what I did, but I fell, and long story short – I broke my foot – in 2 places.  My heel of all things, and one other random bone. (The foot has 26 bones in it. All of them seem so random until you break one.  I don’t remember its name.)

Those of you who have been watching my instagram stories (thank you for all your love!) have seen how I have been modifying my every day activities while having a broken foot.  Everything from getting from the upstairs with a baby to the main floor, to fixing our breakfast, showering has its own unique sets of challenges, and LAWD dont get me started on how hard it is to go out in the winter. Ive been out like 4 times in 6 weeks…

Im making up for that this Friday when the cast comes off. Im headed to The Beach House Spa for some way overdue self love, and then to see my girl Cait Hart from Hair with Heart who will make me feel beautiful again.

Saturday I’m at the Love Weddings Show at The Club at Bond Head, so be sure to come out and see me! I am desperate for grown up interactions so come say hi and see my modest little set up!

I’ll be posting my life and work on instagram every day so follow me there!

If you came to my website to look at wedding photography, there is lots of that too – in the blog or my galleries.

If you’ve been there, done that and are trying to contact me to book your 2018 wedding (and I do have a few 2017 winter dates left in Nov-Dec) – then contact me here 


That sweet little pocket of light Im obsessed with..


Chat soon,