This past weekend I did a special Cousins Lifestyle Shoot in Everett Ontario, just north of Alliston.

The Farm was the childhood home of one of my school mates Angela Bailey (now Merrett).

When I arrived at the potato farm, I saw Angela, I’m telling you, she looked almost exactly as she did in high school! Ang, you haven’t aged a bit!

Angela’s boys Aiden and Ethan were excited to show me around the farm; and were happy hanging out with their older cousins Tate and Jack.  Although I promised I wouldn’t spend a lot of time posing them in order to capture their personalities; they showed so much self confidence, and casual ease, that I did get super casual poses, with more neutral expressions, perfectly appropriate for a couple of teenage boys, and the younger ones just followed suit.

Here’s a look at what the guys did.


Leading the way to show me around the Farm.


Grand Dad’s Tractor


And very cool old trucks. Nothing says Country Farm Shoot like an old truck.


Boys being boys


Boys Round Here – “Runnin them red dirt roads and kickin up dust” (Blake Shelton)


The older Guys.


The younger Guys.


Ang and her Guys.


Just hanging out at the barn.

Thanks for the farm tour guys!

If you have an idea for a family or cousins lifestyle shoot contact me now!