So here’s a thing I’m still trying to wrap my head around in full.

In the US High School Senior Portraits are very, very popular, and they just aren’t that big a thing here, which is a complete shame.  Fellow photographers, and personal friends of mine Kristin Peereboom and Bobbi-Jo Stuart agree, which is why they gathered some high school girls for us to style a Country High School Graduation Photos Shoot.  We’re hoping that kids and parents see the value in professional images, at what is a very special time for these girls (and guys too!).
I guess what we have, is a “Cap & Gown” formal photo system – the kids all get the same photo done, and that photo goes in their year books, and likely an 8×10 on their parents wall.  It’s captures their achievements, certainly, and holds some fine memories; but does it capture who they are?
That is where we step in.  We WANT to showcase the unique, special personalities and off the chart beauty of these young adults as they make their way into the “Real World”. They are fresh, full of dreams and in the Prime of their lives.

I want to showcase you and your best friends; with your memories- like that special BFF blanket you brought back from spring break to Ecuador.  I get that.
That’s worth documenting.
Its a VERY special time.

We don’t want to change the world but we want these young ladies to have professional quality images, with a touch of personality, gracing the walls of their homes.

So alas – My take on 3 Girls, who love all things Country, and some wide open spaces, nothing to get in their way…. and some fabulous memories for life with some help from their personalized graduation photos, and a special blanket 🙂
















How about those flower crowns too – one of Kristin’s many talents!

So what do you think? Should we put Canada on the map for Graduation Photos, and change the world 😉