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Jennifer Hibberd Personal Development Journey

Dear Clients: Past Present and Future! Thank you!!!!!


Normally at this time of year I would share a 2018 highlight video, or blog post; but this year with our unusually lengthy travel plans, I’m forgoing that plan (for now).  Instead I am popping in with a simple, but heartfelt thanks to all of my clients from this year.

Those of you had me along to document your relationships, whether they were weddings, elopements, boudoir/empowerment sessions, family photos, or creative branding shoots – this year was chalk full of wonderful opportunities for me, and Im so grateful for the connections and relationships that have developed over the year.

Im so happy I had the pleasure of working with all of you, and Im eager to start 2019 on this frequency of happiness & gratitude.

This year was a big one for self discovery and personal development, and want to share a little of those reflections with you.  I will share in the next few posts, as its really meant for the creative entrepreneurs that I lead through our TuesdaysTogether group, and those that are interested in boosting their personal development themselves.

I’n the posts to come I’ll be writing about what I learned this year, my biggest take aways, fears I faced and, how I truly connected with My Why.  Stick around to discover what is next for us here at in terms of future goals.

For now though, here is a completely random photo of me in Renton Washington at Jimi Hendrix’s Memorial.

My facial expression is a complete match for how pumped I am for 2019!!!

Happy New Year Friends!

Jennifer Hibberd Personal Development Journey


Shelburne Golf & Country Club 1950’s Bridal Shower Inspiration

Shelburne Golf & Country Club_0004

Shelburne Golf & Country Club 1950’s Bridal Shower Inspiration

If you read enough of my blog posts, its likely you may have heard about the Rising Tide Society, and the local TuesdaysTogether local creative groups.  We got together to create this 1950’s Bridal Shower Bridal Shower Inspiration at Shelburne Golf & Country Club

Kristen Au Prestan Tilley Jo MacIntosh are the beauties in this amazing collaboration between multiple vendors that came on as a challenge from the Rising Tide Society.
TuesdaysTogether Barrie had 4 photographers shoot this amazing 50s Bridal Shower Styled Shoot (Mark Evers, Alexandria Ferguson, Hyla Gallo) come together to create a seamless gallery that I cannot tell whos work is whos now! This was an amazing challenge, you all are rock stars! A special thanks to Tatyana Boutique for providing these stunning dresses.


Here are a few of my shots.

Inside the Shelburne Golf & Country Club

Styled Bridal Shower_0000 Styled Bridal Shower_0004 Styled Bridal Shower_0002 Styled Bridal Shower_0003 Styled Bridal Shower_0001 1950's Bridal Shower Photography_0001


Outside the Shelburne Golf & Country Club

Shelburne Photographer_0001 Shelburne Photographer_0002 Shelburne Photographer_0004 Shelburne Photographer_0003 Shelburne Golf & Country Club_0001 1950's Bridal Shower Photography_0002 Shelburne Golf & Country Club_0003 Shelburne Photographer_0005 Shelburne Golf & Country Club_0003 Shelburne Golf & Country Club_0004


Click HERE the gallery from the 1950’s Bridal Shower Photography Inspiration Collaboration. (Live Link for the month of July)



Mimosa Monday – Grateful for Photographer Friends


Today I am grateful for my photographer friends.

Today’s Mimosa Monday I am grateful for my photographer friends. While I cannot list all of them in this post, I want to celebrate how lucky am I to have found such great, meaningful relationships over the years.

This past week, and over the weekend too, I got together with just a handful of these fine photographers; a couple of them multiple times, because of a super fun shoot we did on Sunday!

Each time I get together with my photographer friends, I learn something from them.  We share our struggles and our triumphs, realizing that we are not alone in this massive, high pressure industry.  We’re here to help eachother, with no secrets, no ulterior motives, in the spirit of Community Over Competition – and its SO very refreshing.  It’s not just a network, it’s a community – and it’s awesome.

Alexandria came over and I gave her beer which she did not like lol, and we talked pricing and contracts, and she shared her new business cards with me!  Saturday night we picked up the goodies from Country Lane Vintage Rentals for the shoot on Sunday.

Bobbi Jo and I hung out on Saturday morning while her son played baseball in my little town. It was about a billion degrees, we hid out in the shade for a bit keeping our babies cool, and talked print collections and #momlife stuff; as we often do with Kristin over messenger.  Those 2 keep me sane many days of the week.

Mark and I go way back, shooting our first big wedding together back in 2o11. It was so great shooting with him again on Sunday as part of the Rising Tide Society Styled Shoot Challenge.

I met Hyla for the first time this past week also.  It was so great talking to her about our business goals, the challenges of running a studio, and being an entrepreneur and Mom, while our kids played on the grass in my back yard.  Lucky for TuesdaysTogether Barrie, Hyla was able to join us Sunday also!


Im so fortunate to know these people.  Every one of them embraces community over competition whole heartedly.

Thank you for your friendships.

Follow my photographer friends – they have great feeds; and stay tuned for our Styled Shoot Challenge Album post!

Hyla @hylaphotog

Alexandria @alexxfergyy

Mark Evers Photography 

Bobbi Jo @lovebeephotography

Kristin @kristinpeereboomphotography

And for fun, I’ll leave you with this anthem about friends by Joe Cocker from Woodstock to sing along to on this fine Monday 🙂

Contact me if you have any questions about the RTS, TuesdaysTogether, or you are interested in doing a styled shoot with my photographer friends 🙂

TuesdaysTogether Barrie Meets in Alliston


SO excited to be posting this – my first official TuesdaysTogether Barrie Meeting was a success.  I hosted at my photography studio, and we filled it! 9 people plus a guest speaker – a glorious first meeting if I do say so myself!  If we have the same numbers or more next month we will for sure be looking for another space.  Luckily for us there is no shortage of creatives willing to host; and we have tons of awesome local venues that we can meet for coffee and light snacks at also!

The March topic was finances – everything from taxes to annual budgets.  All stuff that makes us creative types cringe.  Jonathan Audette, a CPA from Barrie was welcomed by our group, put on a great info seminar answering some questions about tax season, and how we can better prepare as our businesses grow. With all of our businesses being very unique, the questions really ranged; and we learned so much about what other people are doing too – which is exactly what TuesdaysTogether is all about – sharing and learning!

You would never know from this photo that we were discussing finances lol – we had a good time meeting one another; drinking coffee, eating fruit and cupcakes (it was Candice of Pearl Decor’s Birthday!)


From Left to right: Jo Macintosh (former Washington DC creative), Shannon Narine of Country Lane Vintage Rentals, Alana Wagner, MUA, Me (Jennifer Hibberd Photography), Michael Roberts of DJ MasterMix, Cecelia Landers (Photography), Candice Cole of Pearl Decor and Events , Mark Evers (photography), not shown here is Jennifer Gilbert (Photography)

If you are a small creative business owner in the Barrie, Collingwood, Orillia, Newmarket, Alliston, Orangeville areas; and embrace the spirit of community over competition; join our TuesdaysTogether facebook group to stay in the loop!

For more information on TuesdaysTogether, visit the Rising Tide Society web page.

For a super informative (albeit American) PDF on finance click here.

Alliston Photographer Tuesdays Together Barrie Leader