Happy Valentines Day – Lifestyle Childrens Photos

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Welp. Happy Valentines Day, or Galentine’s Day – Depending on your situation!


Do you do the Valentines Day thing? My hubby and I dont really do much, never really have, but I still like it – despite its commercial nature.

I kinda like the day after better though when all the treats go on sale LOL!

This year Im solo. Adam is in Lexington this year, so its just the 3 boys and I.  They made me some cute cards (which was so nice – I dont get much of that usually, being a homeschool family).

The highlight of their day, and mine however was our chocolate cupcake baking spree.

There was a lot of working out who was doing what, and they did great with the sharing for the most part.  I even backed off to let them crack the eggs, which the 3rd egg dropped right into Keith’s lap, and upon further inspection, there were quite a few shells in the eggs that did make it into the bowl that we had to start over with eggs. Luckily I had the foresight to give them a bowl to crack them into – instead of right into the mixer.

Here’s there fun:


Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0001

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0003

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0005

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0007

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0008

The eggs started out ok – but you can see below where Keith wore it lol

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0009

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0010

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0011

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0012

Day of the dead cupcake liners, because, well – its how we roll.

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0013

Despite many attempts to discourage them from eating raw cake batter….

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0017

Baby P wanted to help fill the cupcake liners, but by then my OCD had kicked in and I had to take over. I tried.

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0019

Then I started to win him back, with the promise of cupcakes 🙂

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0020

It worked 🙂

Lifestyle Childrens Photos_0021

I have zero evidence of these cupcakes turning out, but I assure you they did – and you can bet that they had sprinkles 🙂


I think we’ll need to make another batch for our Family Day Party this weekend too.


Happy Valentines Day friends!






If you want to come over for some lifestyle childrens photos – send me a message! 

THANK YOU!!!! Personal Development, Goals and Stuff

Jennifer Hibberd Personal Development Journey

Dear Clients: Past Present and Future! Thank you!!!!!


Normally at this time of year I would share a 2018 highlight video, or blog post; but this year with our unusually lengthy travel plans, I’m forgoing that plan (for now).  Instead I am popping in with a simple, but heartfelt thanks to all of my clients from this year.

Those of you had me along to document your relationships, whether they were weddings, elopements, boudoir/empowerment sessions, family photos, or creative branding shoots – this year was chalk full of wonderful opportunities for me, and Im so grateful for the connections and relationships that have developed over the year.

Im so happy I had the pleasure of working with all of you, and Im eager to start 2019 on this frequency of happiness & gratitude.

This year was a big one for self discovery and personal development, and want to share a little of those reflections with you.  I will share in the next few posts, as its really meant for the creative entrepreneurs that I lead through our TuesdaysTogether group, and those that are interested in boosting their personal development themselves.

I’n the posts to come I’ll be writing about what I learned this year, my biggest take aways, fears I faced and, how I truly connected with My Why.  Stick around to discover what is next for us here at jenniferhibberd.com in terms of future goals.

For now though, here is a completely random photo of me in Renton Washington at Jimi Hendrix’s Memorial.

My facial expression is a complete match for how pumped I am for 2019!!!

Happy New Year Friends!

Jennifer Hibberd Personal Development Journey


Mini Winter Engagement Session

mini winter engagement session_0000

Mini Winter Engagement Session

with Justin & Julia during my “Late Fall Family Sessions” at my farm.


Im not going to word it up here in this post. I’ve pumped out 4 galleries today and was going to call it a day, but Im just too excited not to share this mini winter engagement session with ya!


I’ll come back and drop some photos in here but for now, here’s a little slideshow.

Justin & Julia’s Mini Winter Engagement Session

I hope you all enjoyed this little mini winter engagement session sneak peek!

Oregon Coast Family Beach Photos (My Fam Jam)

Muskoka & Toronto Photographer Jen Hibberd Oregon Coast Beach Photos_0000

Ok Guys! My Oregon Coast Beach Photos!


I am back from the PNW, and feeling so inspired to do so many things I cant keep up with all the ideas in my head!

I can thank the gettaway for the extra juice – it always happens that way for me – especially when we travel west.

Its not REALLY a vacation, but more of an adventure; but by the time we go home I was ready to get to work!

Im sharing a scroll worthy set of photos here but left some really great ones out!  I added the Pinterest button, and I do encourage readers and clients to pin to their hearts content, but because my set includes some of the cutest bare bottoms you’ll ever see, I wanted to keep those buns from being randomly pinned/saved. So instead to share the cuteness but control the photos a bit more, I created a slideshow.  Im always on the fence about these kinds of shots, because on one hand they are my art and I know parents will resonate with why I love them, and I know many parents who would love shots like that of their kids, and part of me just thinks we shouldnt have to worry about sharing that kind of art, but on the flip side I know this world isnt how I see if through my rose coloured glasses.


Be sure to watch the video link as well at the end of this post.

All in all I just loved our time there. It was foggy and beautiful and soothed my soul. Watching the boys play filled my heart. I had brought their swim clothes to change into JUST IN CASE, but with cooler weather I thought for sure they’d just get their feet wet – I was wrong. LOL!

There is something so special about time on the beach. The smell of the air, the wind in your hair, toes in the sand (if you’ve read any of my bio you’ll see this is my jam)…

If you didn’t get any beach photos done this year, have no fear – we have BEAUTIFUL weather, and Ontario has so many beautiful beaches, with Kincardine being my local fave.

Even on cooler evenings, a beach photos are a good idea, just think of snuggling up with a woven blanket with you significant other, of if your having family beach photos done, the advantage of waiting until now, is the sun is setting earlier, so you can have those beautiful sunset photos without staying up til 10pm!

So ditch the pumpkin spice lattes, forget about boot shopping (for now, wink wink), and help me savour summer a little longer!

Sessions from $250

Contact Me Today!


Here are my families Oregon Coast Beach Photos

Oregon Coast Family Beach Photos_0001 Oregon Coast Family Beach Photos_0002 Beach Photos Oregon Oregon Coast Family Beach Photos_0006 Oregon Coast Family Beach Photos_0013 Beach Photos Oregon Coast Family Beach Photos_0022 Oregon Coast Family Beach Photos_0035 Muskoka & Toronto Photographer Jen Hibberd Oregon Coast Beach Photos_0000

And as promised – the “Directors Cut” with outtakes.


If you loved this post, feel free to comment below, and to see more beach photos, check out this Wasaga Beach Engagement Session .
Or this one that was taken in much cooler weather in Washington State.
I cant wait to design an album with these shots!  In the meantime, email me today for last minute summer or fall beach photos!

Coming Soon! Christmas Minis

Christmas Minis Jennifer Hibberd Photography

Coming Soon! Christmas Minis!


Christmas Mini Portrait Sessions are on my radar. I haven’t hosted Christmas minis since 2014, but this year really wanted to offer them to this new community Im in.

Moving to West Grey has changed me, and has me yearning to shoot more families. More couples. More brothers and sisters. More connections. I cant get enough! Maybe its because Im truly valuing my own family time, and really appreciate having my family photos on the wall.

Style wise, Im not a themey gal. If you are looking for Christmas minis with all kinds of props and decorations, keep googling, because that’s not me. I’m a less is more kind of gal, and I truly believe you’ll value that more in the long run.  Simple is more classic, and you’re more likely to hang shots done in this style on your wall.

What Im planning is right on my property, with fall colours and also small (somewhat Charlie Brownish) Christmas trees, but its not the background that is the focus here, its you and your fam jam.  I want to capture you. Playing, snuggling, making a memory for your littles.

I’m designing my overall session plan right now, but just wanted to share real quick that this is happening.

I’ll post again here, and on my social media platforms –InstagramFacebook.

I’d love to hear what you’d like to see for late fall Christmas minis! Sent me a note here! 

Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming sessions!


Mini sessions for couples too

And of course Christmas minis are perfect for lovers too 🙂

Lifestyle Christmas Minis Fall Family Photos Fall Family Photography Session Jennifer Hibberd Photography Christmas Minis Holiday Lifestyle Minis

Positive Affirmations To Begin Living Your Best Life

Self Affirmations for Living Your Best Life-3

Positive Affirmations To Begin Living Your Best Life


Today on Instagram I was talking about the power of positive thinking and posted a quote by Dr Wayne Dyer.

The quote said:

“When you become certain that nothing is impossible for you, you will obtain everything you desire.”

Powerful stuff huh?
Read it again.  When you become CERTAIN that nothing is impossible….

I know this isn’t the usual material you find on my photography blog, and it might sound a little woo woo but hear me out.

Positive thinking has been part of my self care for the last year and a bit, and if you’ve been following on Instagram, you’ll know that I’m a huge advocate of self care and self love.

Self Affirmations for Living Your Best Life

The truth is maybe if I hadn’t integrated positive affirmations into my life, I wouldn’t have many of the things and the life Im so proud of and continuously express gratitude for.

I could talk about this stuff for hours and days to be honest – but I wanted this to be a quick read, with stuff that ANYONE can use in their lives to help them achieve their dreams and goals.


What are you dreaming about?


Maybe its to start your own business.

Or to get get that promotion.

Travel for 3 weeks in Europe with your bestie, or fiance or new husband.

It’s time to stop looking at all the reasons NOT to go for something that you’re yearning for, and instead start looking at the millions of reasons you should or CAN acquire this.

Whatever you’re wanting in life – be certain that everything is possible!


My number one affirmation or mantra that I repeat every day is:


“I TRUST and BELIEVE I can have whatever my heart desires. I trust that the universe is guiding me.”

Self Affirmations for Living Your Best Life-2

You can take this as it is, or make it your own, or even write your own.

The point is that you OWN & believe your affirmations.

Write them in your journal, on sticky notes on the back of your hand – wherever you’ll see them.

You’ll want to say them internally and aloud, and repeat them daily.  At first it might feel silly but trust me – it’s like doing anything new.  In the beginning it feels hard or weird, but before long it will feel second nature – and the benefits are worth it.

In the very near future your confidence will grow, and you will realize your true potential.


3 Positive Affirmations for Success


I am worthy of achieving my desires.

I am creating my dream life.

I trust that the Universe is guiding me.


Saying and feeling those 3 short but powerful positive affirmations everyday  – verbalizing it, writing it, and believing in it, will put you on track to learning so much about the power within yourself.

Self Affirmations for Living Your Best Life-3

I’ll close there for this post, but let me know if you enjoyed this post, and if there is something you have manifested in your life through positive feelings.

In an upcoming post I’m going to share with you how I manifested my dream house – because Im pretty sure it will blow your mind.

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Love Thy Self – A Lesson In Self Love for the Busy Woman

self love - a self portrait of muskoka and toronto wedding and boudoir photographer jennifer hibberd photography

Love Thy Self – A Lesson In Self Love for the Busy Woman (for all women)

Ladies.  This post comes to you from a time of ultimate act of self love – Self Respect.  Honouring ourselves.

This past week Adam was away – something that I’ll never quite get used to, but push on and endure regardless, and Im generally pretty proud of how the outcome went: I managed to keep up with the bath/bed routine (as lax as it is, they all went to bed clean, fed, and happy).  I worked in our garden (rock harvest 2018 – rolls eyes), and cut about 3 acres of grass, and maintained the main areas of the house pretty well.

I made sure my kitchen was in order at night before bed (which often wasnt completed until about 10, 10:30pm), and always set my coffee so that in the morning all I had to do was press a button. That made me smile every day. I took the kids to swimming lessons, on hikes and grocery shopping.  None of those are easy feats with 3 kids under the age of 6 yo.  Dont take me for a super hero though – I had about 5 loads of laundry to fold and put away, and at least as many to wash.

Then the weekend rolled around.

Saturday morning was a bust. It was the day my mother in law would bury her mother.  Adam was to arrive early to help out and drive my mother in law to and from the funeral home/cemetery; leaving me responsible for getting the boys ready to go.  They weren’t technically invited to the funeral – they were allowed to go to the thing after, so I knew I had plenty of time to get everyone ready.  Besides, whats one more day of solo parenting?

That’s what I thought until the brink of dawn on Saturday morning.

I woke up with a full blown migraine and could barely function.

Migraines, if you haven heard, are crippling.  For me they have a habit of showing up when its rainy (which it was), and when it gets close to that time of the month (which it was – sorry if TMI), and when I am depraved of caffeine.  That was highly unlikely though because coffee and I are besties and we hang out a lot.  Migraines also rear their ugly face when Im dehydrated, so I got up, drank a bucket of water, and proceeded to do all the things I could possibly do to get well – all while trying not to heave.

I showered (trying to loosen my muscles), had a coffee (get that caffeine in) and had a bite to eat, medicated (read: medicated, not meditated… so closely related though lol), and I laid back down with an ice pack before the kids all got up and started wanting things and tearing the place apart.  By this time, Adam was gone.

There came that point of no return.

The time I must-have-everyone-loaded-up-if-were-going-to-get-to-the-thing-ontime point of no return.

I had 2 choices.

  1.  Grab a pillow and a blanket, head for the couch and put a movie on for the kids and hope for the best.   OR
  2. Dig something decent to wear for the 4 of us out of the laundry baskets heaping with clean but wrinkled clothes, bath they kids and wash their hair, do something with my still wet hair, (doing makeup was way off my radar regardless), and strap them all into their car seats, fill up my dead empty van and make the 1 hour drive to Grandmas, all while fighting the urge to hurl.


Can you guess which one I chose to do?

Guys.  Ive never let my health interfere with important life events.  I’ve never had to sub myself for another photographer at a shoot or wedding, even all the months I was on crutches and couldn’t shoot the ceremony I was there with my associates.  I never missed an important family celebration. This day called for self respect, self love, and self forgiveness because this was one of those times when I felt like I “should” do something.

How often does the right thing to do trump our needs?

Amidst busy schedules – careers, school, family – whatever you have got going on; there are time where your needs – your well being, just has to come first, with no apologizes, and no guilt!

I think we have a tendency to over-dramatize what will happen when we don’t do something we feel we’re “supposed to” in order to take care of ourselves.

Maybe we are worried that we wont be liked or someone will be mad at us. That we will appear selfish.  Maybe were terrified that we’ll lose our job, or ruin our chances at that new promotion your in line for.  You’re worried that you wont land that dream client if you dont send the proposal immediately.

But here is the thing.  If you value yourself, so will everyone else. And if they don’t? Ask yourself if they truly belong in your life?

I bet you’re dying to know how my day ended though.

EVERYTHING was ok! No one hated on me, no one judged me, and everyone was fine.  I recovered from my migraine, Adam brought us back a doggie bag of Moms potato salad (so good) and some fruit and life went on.  Am I sorry  I missed the funeral? Yes, but am I going to beat myself up about it? NO.

So if you read this post and it resonated with you even a little; I hope you can take something away from my little tale.

The world will still spin on its axis, and you will still be loved. In fact, you will be loved more that ever, just because you are truly practicing self love.

“I respect myself and insist upon it from everybody. And because I do it, I then respect everybody, too.”  Maya Angelo