Snowy Family Photos? What to Wear for Winter Family Photos

what to wear for winter family photos_0002

What to Wear for Winter Family Photos


The number one question I am asked is “what should we wear?” 

Whether its an engagement session or family session, many people arent quite sure, especially in colder climates; so I have complied a list of tips that can help answer the question of what to wear for winter family photos.

Winter Clothing Choices

For Style inspo head to this Pinterest Board

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Hair & Makeup for Winter Family Photos (and really anytime)

Most common piece of feedback I hear from ladies, is the felt their makeup was too heavy. You want to feel like you, so dont feel like you need to try anything out of the ordinary.  Again, the tips below are my professional opinion.

Posing & What to Expect at The Session

At a photoshoot with me, there will be some lightly directed posing, a few camera aware shots, and lots of play based shots too.

In colder temps I like to make sure our cars are relatively near by so that we can warm up, or duck into a coffee shop for a quick break is an option too.

Scheduling sessions near meal times, nap times and bed times is risky business for parents of small children. You know your kids best times, but luckily golden hour in the winter is much earlier; long before bedtime!

With children of any age, I cant guarantee their full participation, and I also dont want that to be a burden for you either.  Come with an open mind, and in general, lowered expectations of what you expect your kids to do, and also bring snacks. Snacks can be a game changer (just avoid super messy ones that will stain their clothes, hands or face.

Family Photos Owen Sound ON

Expect a stink face or two and you’ll have a better time yourself 🙂 Try too hard to change it, and you’ll wind up stressed and have a less awesome experience.

tree farm photos owen sound area

let them be little.

what to wear for winter family photos_0001

let them explore.


Pets at Sessions 

I love when families or couples bring pets to sessions! Pets put people at ease by giving us something natural to engage with, and even take the focus off of us for a bit 😉

puppies at photo shoots_0000

Bottom line – This is a great opportunity to have fun with you family. Photo sessions are fun (or at least I like to think so!) and are a great time to bond and create memories.  When your kids see these photos on your walls or in albums, they will feel so special.

Stay tuned for shares of my “late fall family sessions”, which are now snowy, winter sessions lol! Still a space or 2 available, click here to see what its about! 

Oregon Coast Family Beach Photos (My Fam Jam)

Muskoka & Toronto Photographer Jen Hibberd Oregon Coast Beach Photos_0000

Ok Guys! My Oregon Coast Beach Photos!


I am back from the PNW, and feeling so inspired to do so many things I cant keep up with all the ideas in my head!

I can thank the gettaway for the extra juice – it always happens that way for me – especially when we travel west.

Its not REALLY a vacation, but more of an adventure; but by the time we go home I was ready to get to work!

Im sharing a scroll worthy set of photos here but left some really great ones out!  I added the Pinterest button, and I do encourage readers and clients to pin to their hearts content, but because my set includes some of the cutest bare bottoms you’ll ever see, I wanted to keep those buns from being randomly pinned/saved. So instead to share the cuteness but control the photos a bit more, I created a slideshow.  Im always on the fence about these kinds of shots, because on one hand they are my art and I know parents will resonate with why I love them, and I know many parents who would love shots like that of their kids, and part of me just thinks we shouldnt have to worry about sharing that kind of art, but on the flip side I know this world isnt how I see if through my rose coloured glasses.


Be sure to watch the video link as well at the end of this post.

All in all I just loved our time there. It was foggy and beautiful and soothed my soul. Watching the boys play filled my heart. I had brought their swim clothes to change into JUST IN CASE, but with cooler weather I thought for sure they’d just get their feet wet – I was wrong. LOL!

There is something so special about time on the beach. The smell of the air, the wind in your hair, toes in the sand (if you’ve read any of my bio you’ll see this is my jam)…

If you didn’t get any beach photos done this year, have no fear – we have BEAUTIFUL weather, and Ontario has so many beautiful beaches, with Kincardine being my local fave.

Even on cooler evenings, a beach photos are a good idea, just think of snuggling up with a woven blanket with you significant other, of if your having family beach photos done, the advantage of waiting until now, is the sun is setting earlier, so you can have those beautiful sunset photos without staying up til 10pm!

So ditch the pumpkin spice lattes, forget about boot shopping (for now, wink wink), and help me savour summer a little longer!

Sessions from $250

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Here are my families Oregon Coast Beach Photos

Oregon Coast Family Beach Photos_0001 Oregon Coast Family Beach Photos_0002 Beach Photos Oregon Oregon Coast Family Beach Photos_0006 Oregon Coast Family Beach Photos_0013 Beach Photos Oregon Coast Family Beach Photos_0022 Oregon Coast Family Beach Photos_0035 Muskoka & Toronto Photographer Jen Hibberd Oregon Coast Beach Photos_0000

And as promised – the “Directors Cut” with outtakes.


If you loved this post, feel free to comment below, and to see more beach photos, check out this Wasaga Beach Engagement Session .
Or this one that was taken in much cooler weather in Washington State.
I cant wait to design an album with these shots!  In the meantime, email me today for last minute summer or fall beach photos!

Candid Family Photos at Mukilteo Beach


Candid Family Photos at Mukilteo Beach, Washington

A few days before Christmas I took my guys down the the Mukilteo Beach.  It was cold and windy (not as cold as back home though!), but that has very rarely stopped them from exploring though.

Didn’t stop me either – Im reminded of how much I love the sea, while Im clicking away; taking it all in….

It was a perfectly sunny day, making the Olympic & Coastal range mountains pop in the distance.  The smell of salt water air, the wind whipping our hair, boats coming into the harbour, and two little boys who seem to be declaring war on the waves that threatened to splash their feet.

The driftwood that has found its permanent home on the pebbly beach have signs telling visitors not to burn it, but instead to use the designated beach fire pits.

I vow to come back and have a beach fire -wouldn’t that be so perfect?  We already know were coming back in June, so Mukilteo Beach – Its a date!

Ollie did get soaking wet, and ended up walking around in his socks before I was able to convince him to maybe head back to the car.

I really cant wait to come back to Washington in the summer!


If you’re tuning in to my Adventures in Washington Series, here are some other posts you might have missed.

Big Gulch Trail


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mukilteo-beach-winter-time_0013 mukilteo-beach-winter-time_0008mukilteo-beach-winter-time_0014 mukilteo-beach-winter-time_0007mukilteo-beach-winter-time_0002 mukilteo-beach-winter-time_0003 mukilteo-beach-winter-time_0004 mukilteo-beach-winter-time_0005mukilteo-beach-winter-time_0010 mukilteo-beach-winter-time_0009 mukilteo-beach-winter-time_0011 mukilteo-beach-winter-time_0012mukilteo-beach-winter-time_0016mukilteo-beach-dec-2017_0017


Adventures In Washington – Dec 18th – Big Gulch Trail


Adventures in Washington Post 1 – Big Gulch Trail – Dec 18th 2017

If you are joining in to follow our adventures in the Pacific North West; I have to tell you, we’re not Grand adventure seekers.  You wont find us climbing mountains, white river rafting or crossing bridges that seem to hang by threads in the sky.  Having 3 small kids, while recovering from an extensive foot injury, it’s a wonder I can get out at all!  That being said – my guys are incredibly impressive travelers and seek their own adventures eagerly, and never say no to a trip outdoors – rain or shine.

If you are following us on Instagram, you’d have seen them pulling their weight through Pearson International Airport, and their whole flight experience from Toronto to Seattle – not an easy feat for them at the young ages of 5, 3 & 19 months.

Today’s adventures at Big Gulch Trail was a rainy one.  Just a constant drizzle that was more like a fine mist.  Its day 3 of the drizzle. We knew long before we can here that its wet and rainy – its what its known for, aside from the states giant fur trees.

Big Gulch Trail is right beside out hotel, making it a perfect adventure to conquer before lunch and naps (giving me time to actually write this).


There are photos of slugs in this set – and runny noses.  The slugs were intentional, the runny noses just a bi-product of being out in crisp, cool air while recovering from colds.  I *could* have photoshopped them clean, but I chose to share and remember what they actually look like.


^ Rock Obsessed – That’s our hotel in the back ground. The trail grade is downhill from here.



^ Ollie’s Slug (and runny nose). Isn’t this vest so cute and perfect for our adventures? Below – When Keith told him he should get rid of the slug….

big-gulch-trail-washington_0005big-gulch-trail-washington_0006big-gulch-trail-washington_0007big-gulch-trail-washington_0008big-gulch-trail-washington_0009big-gulch-trail-washington_0011big-gulch-trail-washington_0015 big-gulch-trail-washington_0013big-gulch-trail-washington_0016


Moss is a thing here. Such a tactile, sensory experience, as you’ll see below.

big-gulch-trail-washington_0033 big-gulch-trail-washington_0028 big-gulch-trail-washington_0027 big-gulch-trail-washington_0023 big-gulch-trail-washington_0034big-gulch-trail-washington_0021 big-gulch-trail-washington_0019 big-gulch-trail-washington_0022 big-gulch-trail-washington_0030 big-gulch-trail-washington_0032big-gulch-trail-washington_0025 big-gulch-trail-washington_0036 big-gulch-trail-washington_0037 big-gulch-trail-washington_0038 big-gulch-trail-washington_0039 big-gulch-trail-washington_0020

I am a Canadian wedding photographer and homeschooling Mama – adventures like this really reach me deeply, as I get to play with my camera on a personal level and watch my boys learn from their environment.

I carried my camera with one lens for this; and I chose my 50mm. I was going to go with my sigma 35m art to catch more of the landscape but I really wanted to make my guys the subjects; and had hoped to make a portrait or 2 to print and hang at home.

Our next adventure will be at Mukilteo Beach – we’re expecting sunnier, but colder days – but our exploring wont be defined by weather!

If you want to follow along in real time – tune in to my instagram stories!

Hanover Ontario Photographer- Documenting My Own Family at Allan Park (And a bit on Work Life Balance)

hanover ontario photographer allan park lifestyle photos_0050

Hanover Ontario Photographer – Documenting My Own Family at Allan Park.

I took half a week off to celebrate my step daughter getting married and have some family time, before Adam jets off to Lexington again.  In previous years Ive always been nervous that a few days off in October will mean that I will get behind in my work.

Let it be known that throughout this most challenging year; that I believe I may have mastered work life balance! Ok, not Mastered; but I’ve been rocking it.

BALANCE was one of my 2017 Words. Along with INTENTION.  To me intention means slowing down and finding the purpose behind what Im compelled to do (or shoot). Breaking my foot sure made sure to launch that plan into action.

Anyways; it’s fall – and the conversation among wedding professionals is “How much editing I have to do” and “See you after Christmas”.  I dont envy these guys and gals – because for me; it looks a lot like this (keeping in mind my wedding shooting season is now over):

Mon – Thurs – approx 2-3 hrs per day, divided between emails, culling, importing and editing, and album design.

Friday – Print and Album Orders go in, and any shoots I try and save for Fridays 🙂

Office work is approx 15 hrs a week – sometimes less, sometimes more; the key to making this work with 3 littles around is NOT working until 2 am – nope; that will not do! I am NOT human if I have to try and function after pulling a few of those off.

Instead I *TRY TO*:

Be in bed by 11. Trying not to scroll my phone for another 45 mins.

Sneak my editing in during quiet time. I home school so this is typically between 2-4; but sometimes its like 20 mins long lol – I just have to have faith and not panic that SHIT WILL GET DONE! IT ALWAYS DOES! (put that on a sticky note on your mirror if the thought of working this casually gives you anxiety). Sometimes I purposefully take an after dinner shift; but not usually.

Emails I do from the couch when Im nursing Baby P – or if we are doing an activity that they dont need much of my attention. I DONT check and respond to all my emails all day long. 2x a day max. For me its like 9 and 4 ish. Usually over snacks. Snacks is life y’all.

I feel the one area I struggle in is blogging. This is why I dont blog a ton, even though I love it; it’s the lowest on the totem pole for me; but today, I really wanted to share these photos – since they’re of MY FAMILY.

I seldom use my big girl camera in my personal life – yet I air everything on my Instagram Stories, like a play by play – and its gone in 24 hrs.  Im walking well enough that before heading out on this little hike, I grabbed her, and my sigma 35 art lens and went out to play with my fam jam to Allan Park Conservation Area. It’s like 1o minutes from my house which is perfect, and I bought a Saugeen Conservation Pass because I love it so much.

Here’s how that went.


dsc_3238 dsc_3236hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0001 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0002

Snacks is life.

hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0021 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0020 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0019 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0017hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0008 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0014 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0012 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0011

Pinecone Holder

hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0010 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0009

Walking Sticks are a must.


I thought he was going to kiss this tree <3 #treehugger

hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0028 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0030hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0032hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0035hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0036hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0038 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0039 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0040 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0041hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0044hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0049hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0048 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0047 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0046hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0054 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0055 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0052 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0051hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0050 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0053 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0056 hanover-ontario-photographer-allan-park-lifestyle-photos_0057

I love how he still sleeps cross legged. It’s from his rear facing car seat days, which just ended a few months ago.

So, that was that, and it meant so much to me; because it’s the furthest Ive walked in 10.5 months and it symbolized so much for me – getting “back on my feet” in more ways than one; and spending quality time with my family in the midst of such a busy season.

If you came to this post and were looking for weddings – here are a few of my latest – but as I mentioned, blogging hasnt been my forte lately!

Stephanie and Darren – Mukoska Wedding at Trillium

Eveyln & Hazelton – Toronto Wedding at St Marys and the Doctors House

Jess & Niall – Back Yard Wedding Mulmur ON

If you came here to see about booking a Hanover Ontario Photographer, and want to see about having me out for a lifestyle shoot (or other important time in your life), send me a line right away! I only do a few family shoots at this time of year (to keep that work life balance in check), but the weather is so good right now I cant really resist getting out!  The smell of the leaves on the ground and the fresh air is just a mix I cant get enough of!

Contact me here!

Lifestyle Photography – For the Generations


Lifestyle Photography – For the Generations

I preach to my clients all the time about providing heirloom items to pass down through the generations, so I thought I’d share with you a quick story about an impromtu visit from my Grandpa.

When Grandpa visits, my mom and my Aunt come with, and we all have coffee and catch up.  Ive gotten used to just snapping with my cell phone but since purchasing the sigma 35 1.4 Art; I had the big girl camera at arms reach. Cell phone would have been fine, but… they’d still be on my phone.

So I culled a few, slapped a custom preset on them for fun and exported them to a folder on my computer called “Grandpa”.

In between “Farley House” (thats you Hannah, if you’re reading!).. (and yes, I havent even looked at them since the spring..), and Hibberd Wedding…

If I dont do something with these today, they’ll probably stay wedged there forever.

So to the printers they go, to make a simple 4×6 album…

These photos aren’t award winning; and while he may enjoy them, they’re not for my Grandpa; they’re for Pearson.  They’ll be his foundation of memories of his Grandad.











Mimosa Monday – Cottage Life – Parry Sound Photographer

Muskoka Lifestyle Photographer

Cottage Life – Parry Sound Photographer

This weekend I was so lucky to have gotten away from it all, to enjoy my family before another haul of weddings and engagments, while summer is still at its peak.

I didn’t pull my camera out much; because I really wanted to be present, and be a part of all the action; but I also wanted to use my camera for personal use again.  Something being a professional photographer we can fall into this system of only using our gear to serve other people, instead of capturing the people and places that sparked our passion to begin with!

My sister in law Casey, Tyler & I swam with the little ones, took them for a trip around the lake in the paddle boat, sipped some coolers on the dock and dived into some good reads (Im reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, so inspiring!).

Adam took Keith fishing for the first time – I wish I could have caught that moment but they snuck off before I had a chance to grab my camera 🙂

See here is a glimpse of Cottage Life by me, an occassion Parry Sound Photographer.



The boys gearing up to play near the water.


Tyler is such an awesome big brother.


Collecting water plants and trying to catch minnows 🙂


Running down the dock – we’re now calling Ollie our “Flight Risk” 😉


Getting ready for the corn roast! Adam is an expert of all things corn, and the boys are eager to learn and help.

Parry_Sound_PhotographerI love being a Parry Sound Photographer for a day – I seldom get a chance for enjoying nature photography!

Tyler, filling the cottage with folk-blues melodies.Parry_Sound_Photographer_0009

The lake <3Parry_Sound_Photographer_0010

When you’re done, you’re done. There’s no arguing.


I edited these ones a little differently than my usual style, because the mood was so much different for me. I loved watching them play in the rocks and not say a single word. Words are often overrated.


Thomas is an excellent fisher-guy.  Keith’s first time seeing a fish!!!


Aunt Casey had to keep the Flight Risk back LOL!rry_Sound_Photographer_0014 Parry_Sound_Photographer_0015

It was SUCH a great gettaway – thank you so much Casey & Glenn for having us up!



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Jordan – Barrie Countryside Maternity Photos


Jordan’s Barrie Countryside Maternity Photos

Jordan and I met about a year ago at a fundraiser for breast cancer.  She was doing makeup and I was doing glamour shots.  We exchanged info in typical networking fashion, and kept in touch; interacting on social media.

A few months back we collabated on the Rising Tide Society’s TuesdayTogether Barrie Styled Shoot Challenge, and also found out we had more in common than we knew.  We both lost a mutal friend to a motorcycle accident (I spoke about this in a personal post here).  We talked about how this world is woven, and how we’re more closely connected than we ever think.  Jordan is such a sweatheart, that it was a complete honour to take her maternity photos a couple weeks back.

You all know I LOVE weddings but I truly think maternity shoots might be my second favourite.  Jordan is a prime example of how an expectant mama glows. Truly beautiful, inside and out – this is one of my most recent favourite sessions.  I just loved being able to capture that in this for her.

PS I totally made that Flower Crown from mini carnations, baby’s breath… and some random blooms from my mother in laws garden.

Dress by Baby In Vougue {Courtesty of my friend Kristin Peereboom Photography}

Hair & Makeup – Jordan Ashley MUA

Barrie Country Maternity Photos

Maternity Photography


Alliston Photographer

We then got to do a few with her little man….


Maternity Photos with Son

Country Maternity Photos


Alliston Photograper_maternity_photos



Flower Crown

Im doing another one of these sessions in a few days – complete with flower crown.

If you enjoyed these Barrie countryside maternity photos and would love to have some artistic portraits to remeber a special time in your life, send me a message and we’ll schedule a styling consultation at the studio to fully customize your experience!



Family Newborn Photos at Golden Hour

Alliston Newmarket Orangeville Barrie Wedding Photographer_0001

Family Newborn Photos at Golden Hour

Sigh. I love these family newborn photos I took of Katie, Tim and the beautiful Delylah.

It’s not everyday that I’m asked to do a newborn session outdoors – but with nice weather finally here, us new moms (Katie and I had our babies just a few days apart) were DYING to be outside.

They made the trek up from Mississauga, and then I took them to my favourite river where the terms “God’s Country” always comes to mind. There is just something purely magical about this place.  Flowing water, towering trees, and warm, golden light. Mother Nature being the boss of all Lady Bosses.

Katie and Tim wanted a few particular shots, which we tried to achieve some of, and some we put our own spin on; but for the most part this was a very natural lifestyle photography session; with a little directive posing.  We stuck with natural earth tones which complimented the early spring landscape.

Being we had a basket + a river + a baby…. in God’s Country… naturally I wanted  “Moses” inspired shot too.

I loved this session – Im biased from having a newborn baby but I cant stress the importance of capturing your family as it is.  Dont wait for that perfect season, or to fit into that certain outfit.

Whoever first said “Time Flies” must have been a parent.

family newborn photos_0001

family newborn photos_0002

family newborn photos_0003

family newborn photos_0004

Alliston Newmarket Orangeville Barrie Wedding Photographer_0001

family newborn photos_0007

family newborn photos_0005
family newborn photos_0010

amily newborn photos_0009

family newborn photos_0008

If that is not quite enough adorableness – here is Katie, Tim & Delylah’s in their Youtube debut.


As we head into wedding season I won’t be taking on many portrait sessions, but if a shoot like this is on your wish list, click here and let me know and we’ll work something out!

xo Jen


A Letter to (All) My Children

A Letter To All My Children

For this months instalment of A Letter To Our Children; I want to say something to each and every one of my kids starting with the one that stole my heart first, then my first born, moving through all the boys and finishing with my newborn that I hold in my arms. This is also the first time I’ve blogged from my phone…. New concept for me so pardon if it’s an ugly post!

Here goes.


People often ask me if I’m going to try for a girl or if I’m sad I didn’t have a girl…. That’s when I remind them that I do have one!  Most people don’t become moms by default at 16 years old, and that’s exactly what happened with us. You were just the cutest, smartest, happiest 2 year old and impossible not to fall in love with. I got to do your hair and shop for cute clothes and shoes, paint your nails, bake cookies – all the girl things. Our journey wasn’t easy – and I am sooooo happy that you’re in my present day life. I love seeing what you’re doing with your life. I love knowing the adult you’ve become. You have experienced so many amazing life altering moments already and so many more that await you and I am so happy I will get to witness all this!  I don’t worry about you. You’re so strong, and you’ve found an amazing  person to share your life with, the good and the bad.  I’m happy to know both of you. You’re the perfect match.  Brittany, I’m proud to call you my daughter.


Brittany, me and Melody


Brittany and Keith in Santa Clara Cuba


Happy birthday Nick. You’ll be 21 on the 26th. You’re now a man who is kind and gentle; a fantastic sense of humour and well, lucky you – you’re graced with my looks 😉  Doing your own thing, still figuring out what that thing is – you make me realize the world has changed and slowed down a little and we give our young adults grace to determine what path in life we should take instead of pushing you to decide what your next move will be. I often wish I had more influence in your day to day goings on but I get where you’re coming from – your not so different from me you know…. I love you and am proud of you. Just know that.

Nick (blonde!) with big sister Brittany, Halloween circa 1997 I believe

Nick (blonde!) with big sister Brittany, Halloween circa 1997 I believe


Ty. At 16 You are beyond incredible. While some kids seem to struggle in their high school years you THRIVE. You have clear visions, you’re motivated and goal oriented and it’s paying off in spades.  You’re so helpful to me and Adam and respectful to our family and friends. I’m beyond proud of you, and I hope you know how grateful I am for what you do for me.  I love you. I hope that doesn’t embarrass you (likely your friends won’t stumble across this… But don’t hate on me if they ever do????) In that note… I look forward to our next driving lesson. The time we get just the two of us is really fun for me. You’re nearly ready to do a drive through for coffee so let’s get at it!

Alliston young drivers

First driving lesson


You have us all in disbelief every day. You’re  a slave driver with your love for yard work – I’ve never known a child (note, you’re still 3 years old) with so much determination and capabilities to do very grown up things. Grandma says it won’t pass, as your dad was the exact same way. I can see it. But we gotta work on your supervisor skills. It’s probably not a good idea to tell your aunt that she’s not working hard enough lol! Total slave driver mode. Your big brothet skills on the other hand are A-1. You are a parents dream. Kind, gentle and helpful.

Yard work, discovery of the day

Yard work, discovery of the day

Proud 2 time around big brother

Proud 2 time around big brother



Ollie I wrote a whole letter to you on your birthday, but I will add this. You’re now a big brother. I can tell already in just the few days of this status change that you’re unsure of it all. I promise to snuggle you and read to you all I can. We have some routine to try and iron out to get our lives settled, but in no way will you have any less of me, or my heart. You’re my love bug.




You’re HERE!!!! Born April 17 here at home, snuggled in my arms right now… I can’t even believe it.  Having you makes me a mother of 6 – and boy#5 and makes this post very long lol – were an anomoly these days. Big families are rare. But you have an amazing one. I can’t wait to see just what you’re going to be all about. If you could do me one favour and sleep a little tonight as good as you are right now that would be great (wishful thinking I’m sure!).  It doesn’t matter though, I know how fast time flies and that the hard parts that come with having a newborn are the shortest lived of your life. I’ll take all of it and embrace all of it.

Newborn photo iPhone

Life is so beautiful, God gave me so much and blessed me so many times. I’m eternally grateful ❤️


Check out what (soon to be) mother of 4 Bobbi Jo has written in our blog circle!



Dear Love Bug-Alliston Newborn Photographer

Cottage Life -Parry Sound Photographer