Snowy Family Photos? What to Wear for Winter Family Photos

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What to Wear for Winter Family Photos


The number one question I am asked is “what should we wear?” 

Whether its an engagement session or family session, many people arent quite sure, especially in colder climates; so I have complied a list of tips that can help answer the question of what to wear for winter family photos.

Winter Clothing Choices

For Style inspo head to this Pinterest Board

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Hair & Makeup for Winter Family Photos (and really anytime)

Most common piece of feedback I hear from ladies, is the felt their makeup was too heavy. You want to feel like you, so dont feel like you need to try anything out of the ordinary.  Again, the tips below are my professional opinion.

Posing & What to Expect at The Session

At a photoshoot with me, there will be some lightly directed posing, a few camera aware shots, and lots of play based shots too.

In colder temps I like to make sure our cars are relatively near by so that we can warm up, or duck into a coffee shop for a quick break is an option too.

Scheduling sessions near meal times, nap times and bed times is risky business for parents of small children. You know your kids best times, but luckily golden hour in the winter is much earlier; long before bedtime!

With children of any age, I cant guarantee their full participation, and I also dont want that to be a burden for you either.  Come with an open mind, and in general, lowered expectations of what you expect your kids to do, and also bring snacks. Snacks can be a game changer (just avoid super messy ones that will stain their clothes, hands or face.

Family Photos Owen Sound ON

Expect a stink face or two and you’ll have a better time yourself 🙂 Try too hard to change it, and you’ll wind up stressed and have a less awesome experience.

tree farm photos owen sound area

let them be little.

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let them explore.


Pets at Sessions 

I love when families or couples bring pets to sessions! Pets put people at ease by giving us something natural to engage with, and even take the focus off of us for a bit 😉

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Bottom line – This is a great opportunity to have fun with you family. Photo sessions are fun (or at least I like to think so!) and are a great time to bond and create memories.  When your kids see these photos on your walls or in albums, they will feel so special.

Stay tuned for shares of my “late fall family sessions”, which are now snowy, winter sessions lol! Still a space or 2 available, click here to see what its about! 

“Late” Fall Family Photos – Better Late Than Never Announcement

Late Fall Family Photos Event_0000

Fashionably Late – were doing a fall family photos event here at the farm

Late Fall Family Photos Event_0000

I dont do mini sessions, almost never. Like its been about 3 years, when I decided to focus on shooting weddings.  I thought it was high time to offer some kind of family photo opportunity to all my past clients, and some new ones here in the West Grey/Hanover area.  Since moving here, Ive fallen in love with the area; but nothing beats how I feel about my own back yard.  If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen lots of shots of the kiddies at my farm – and it doesnt matter what time of year; its always gorgeous. The sun sets into the neighbouring field, which right now has corn that is just about ready to harvest.  Once it is, you are likely to see my neighbours new horse

To the south you will find some smaller pine trees – these arent quite Christmas tree material, they are a little scruffy, but they arent any where close to a Charlie Brown tree either.

To the East, my land heads into a valley, with epic views that lead the eye all the way past Durham.

To the North is yet another amazing view; a pasture with cattle grazing.

All this is why I want to share it with all of you.

I wanted to share it will all of you like now, or last week to be exact but life just got cray and I never made the time to get the word out.

See I struggle a bit from perfectionism – and want to create the perfect ad to get you all excited but Im trying to embrace “done is better than perfect” so  here it is – the official family photo event announcement – complete with an available photo of Baby P with a dirty face. #authentic.

Please note – these are not mini sessions. They are priced as mini sessions, but will be a little longer than the expected 15-20 mins.  We’ll have a good solid 40 or so, if you’re game to move around, and its not too cold.  There is also no “set”. No fancy, proppy backdrops, just whatever mother nature hands us.  Dont worry – if its just pouring rain, the event will be cancelled with full refund, or rescheduled for another day.  We might have snow – which would be so lovely wouldnt it? Snow, slightly unruly Christmas trees, cozy sweaters or cute wool jackets, and a round of hot chocolate?  Overall, the session will be in my style: slightly directed, but mostly unposed, with just one or 2 “camera aware” shots that make great parents/grandparents gifts.


I’m a details gal so when I thought this whole thing up – I was thinking in terms of colours and textures, so made a mood boards to inspire you.  Its truly fall inspired, but we may have winter by then, so I think I’ll make a winter mood board too – so check back to this post soon!


Late Fall Family Photos Mood Board InspoLate Fall Family Photos Event Mood Board_0001

Arent those colours so lovely!?

Booking NOW

Session Fee must be paid in advance to book

Session includes 3 digital files, with opportunity to purchase additional files, prints, products etc

Preview gallery will be available within 3 days of the event.

Cant wait to see you at the farm for your family photos! (Ps, these arent just for families – couples can get in on this too!)

To RSVP – click here 


Oregon Coast Family Beach Photos (My Fam Jam)

Muskoka & Toronto Photographer Jen Hibberd Oregon Coast Beach Photos_0000

Ok Guys! My Oregon Coast Beach Photos!


I am back from the PNW, and feeling so inspired to do so many things I cant keep up with all the ideas in my head!

I can thank the gettaway for the extra juice – it always happens that way for me – especially when we travel west.

Its not REALLY a vacation, but more of an adventure; but by the time we go home I was ready to get to work!

Im sharing a scroll worthy set of photos here but left some really great ones out!  I added the Pinterest button, and I do encourage readers and clients to pin to their hearts content, but because my set includes some of the cutest bare bottoms you’ll ever see, I wanted to keep those buns from being randomly pinned/saved. So instead to share the cuteness but control the photos a bit more, I created a slideshow.  Im always on the fence about these kinds of shots, because on one hand they are my art and I know parents will resonate with why I love them, and I know many parents who would love shots like that of their kids, and part of me just thinks we shouldnt have to worry about sharing that kind of art, but on the flip side I know this world isnt how I see if through my rose coloured glasses.


Be sure to watch the video link as well at the end of this post.

All in all I just loved our time there. It was foggy and beautiful and soothed my soul. Watching the boys play filled my heart. I had brought their swim clothes to change into JUST IN CASE, but with cooler weather I thought for sure they’d just get their feet wet – I was wrong. LOL!

There is something so special about time on the beach. The smell of the air, the wind in your hair, toes in the sand (if you’ve read any of my bio you’ll see this is my jam)…

If you didn’t get any beach photos done this year, have no fear – we have BEAUTIFUL weather, and Ontario has so many beautiful beaches, with Kincardine being my local fave.

Even on cooler evenings, a beach photos are a good idea, just think of snuggling up with a woven blanket with you significant other, of if your having family beach photos done, the advantage of waiting until now, is the sun is setting earlier, so you can have those beautiful sunset photos without staying up til 10pm!

So ditch the pumpkin spice lattes, forget about boot shopping (for now, wink wink), and help me savour summer a little longer!

Sessions from $250

Contact Me Today!


Here are my families Oregon Coast Beach Photos

Oregon Coast Family Beach Photos_0001 Oregon Coast Family Beach Photos_0002 Beach Photos Oregon Oregon Coast Family Beach Photos_0006 Oregon Coast Family Beach Photos_0013 Beach Photos Oregon Coast Family Beach Photos_0022 Oregon Coast Family Beach Photos_0035 Muskoka & Toronto Photographer Jen Hibberd Oregon Coast Beach Photos_0000

And as promised – the “Directors Cut” with outtakes.


If you loved this post, feel free to comment below, and to see more beach photos, check out this Wasaga Beach Engagement Session .
Or this one that was taken in much cooler weather in Washington State.
I cant wait to design an album with these shots!  In the meantime, email me today for last minute summer or fall beach photos!

Coming Soon! Christmas Minis

Christmas Minis Jennifer Hibberd Photography

Coming Soon! Christmas Minis!


Christmas Mini Portrait Sessions are on my radar. I haven’t hosted Christmas minis since 2014, but this year really wanted to offer them to this new community Im in.

Moving to West Grey has changed me, and has me yearning to shoot more families. More couples. More brothers and sisters. More connections. I cant get enough! Maybe its because Im truly valuing my own family time, and really appreciate having my family photos on the wall.

Style wise, Im not a themey gal. If you are looking for Christmas minis with all kinds of props and decorations, keep googling, because that’s not me. I’m a less is more kind of gal, and I truly believe you’ll value that more in the long run.  Simple is more classic, and you’re more likely to hang shots done in this style on your wall.

What Im planning is right on my property, with fall colours and also small (somewhat Charlie Brownish) Christmas trees, but its not the background that is the focus here, its you and your fam jam.  I want to capture you. Playing, snuggling, making a memory for your littles.

I’m designing my overall session plan right now, but just wanted to share real quick that this is happening.

I’ll post again here, and on my social media platforms –InstagramFacebook.

I’d love to hear what you’d like to see for late fall Christmas minis! Sent me a note here! 

Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming sessions!


Mini sessions for couples too

And of course Christmas minis are perfect for lovers too 🙂

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