Mini Winter Engagement Session

mini winter engagement session_0000

Mini Winter Engagement Session

with Justin & Julia during my “Late Fall Family Sessions” at my farm.


Im not going to word it up here in this post. I’ve pumped out 4 galleries today and was going to call it a day, but Im just too excited not to share this mini winter engagement session with ya!


I’ll come back and drop some photos in here but for now, here’s a little slideshow.

Justin & Julia’s Mini Winter Engagement Session

I hope you all enjoyed this little mini winter engagement session sneak peek!

Snowy Family Photos? What to Wear for Winter Family Photos

what to wear for winter family photos_0002

What to Wear for Winter Family Photos


The number one question I am asked is “what should we wear?” 

Whether its an engagement session or family session, many people arent quite sure, especially in colder climates; so I have complied a list of tips that can help answer the question of what to wear for winter family photos.

Winter Clothing Choices

For Style inspo head to this Pinterest Board

what to wear for winter family photos_0005

Hair & Makeup for Winter Family Photos (and really anytime)

Most common piece of feedback I hear from ladies, is the felt their makeup was too heavy. You want to feel like you, so dont feel like you need to try anything out of the ordinary.  Again, the tips below are my professional opinion.

Posing & What to Expect at The Session

At a photoshoot with me, there will be some lightly directed posing, a few camera aware shots, and lots of play based shots too.

In colder temps I like to make sure our cars are relatively near by so that we can warm up, or duck into a coffee shop for a quick break is an option too.

Scheduling sessions near meal times, nap times and bed times is risky business for parents of small children. You know your kids best times, but luckily golden hour in the winter is much earlier; long before bedtime!

With children of any age, I cant guarantee their full participation, and I also dont want that to be a burden for you either.  Come with an open mind, and in general, lowered expectations of what you expect your kids to do, and also bring snacks. Snacks can be a game changer (just avoid super messy ones that will stain their clothes, hands or face.

Family Photos Owen Sound ON

Expect a stink face or two and you’ll have a better time yourself 🙂 Try too hard to change it, and you’ll wind up stressed and have a less awesome experience.

tree farm photos owen sound area

let them be little.

what to wear for winter family photos_0001

let them explore.


Pets at Sessions 

I love when families or couples bring pets to sessions! Pets put people at ease by giving us something natural to engage with, and even take the focus off of us for a bit 😉

puppies at photo shoots_0000

Bottom line – This is a great opportunity to have fun with you family. Photo sessions are fun (or at least I like to think so!) and are a great time to bond and create memories.  When your kids see these photos on your walls or in albums, they will feel so special.

Stay tuned for shares of my “late fall family sessions”, which are now snowy, winter sessions lol! Still a space or 2 available, click here to see what its about! 

Pacific North West Photo Shoot with Anna & Ashley

Same Sex Pacific North West Hiking Photo Shoot_0025

Pacific North West Photo Shoot

I met Ashley briefly last Christmas, here in Washington, but this year I got to get to know her a little more. Her girlfriend Anna is a flight attendant, and was able to time a visit with a flight into Seattle, and stay a few days!

We all went out one night (which only a few of us remember the whole night lol) and had a freaking blast, and decided to do this photoshoot a few days later, just for fun.

My little boys came along for the walk, so it wasn’t my typical approach to doing a photo shoot, but I got to witness the beautiful connection these wonderful ladies have together and Im lucky to have gotten more time with them before we all have to go our separate ways.

This little collection of photos were taken on the Big Gulch Trail – which is right outside the hotel door, and goes for miles and miles; and has so many great little pockets of light among the incredibly tall trees. Such is the Pacific North West!



Same Sex Pacific North West Hiking Photo Shoot_0024 Same Sex Pacific North West Hiking Photo Shoot_0025 Same Sex Pacific North West Hiking Photo Shoot_0019 ame Sex Pacific North West Hiking Photo Shoot_0021 Same Sex Pacific North West Hiking Photo Shoot_0022 Same Sex Pacific North West Hiking Photo Shoot_0023 Same Sex Pacific North West Hiking Photo Shoot_0026 Same Sex Pacific North West Hiking Photo Shoot_0029

I wish we had more time to explore further and hold out for pretty golden light (since we actually had sun! Woohoo!) but time didnt allow it.

Next time we’ll shoot at the beach 🙂





Top 5 Tips – What to Wear to Engagement Photos – Toronto Wedding Photographer


What to wear to engagement photos is probably the question Im asked the most!

If you are wondering what to wear to engagement photos, I think this post will be helpful!

There really is no right or wrong thing to wear (although I do have some “do’s and don’ts in this post here – its from 2015 but rocks some valid points).

The thing I’m quick to remind people, is part of the reason we do engagement photos in the first place is to break the ice, get to know each other and allow for your true selves to shine.

That’s hard to do when you feel uncomfortable in what you’re wearing; so number one in my top 5 is

1. Wear something that you feel good in.

By this I mean wear something that makes you feel good about the way you look, not lay-on-the-couch-eating-nutella-with-a-spoon feel good. You know; like when you dress up to go out on a date with your Love and you do that one last look in the mirror and say ‘dayum girl!”  Shop your closet first – sometimes and old fave is the way to go, but if not grab your bestie and hit the mall. Make sure you choose stuff that fits properly, avoid garments that are too tight or too loose.

Your goal: to feel incredible in what you wear.

Jennifer Hibberd Photography_0001

A beach engagement shoot is the perfect way to have some fun in the sun and sand. Light, breezy fashions really suit the scene.

2. Choose fabrics with patterns and textures that photograph well.

Sometimes stripes and check patterns can go wonky. If stripes or checks are your thing, and your the adventurous type, we can take the gamble, but its safer to choose a bigger plaid print over smaller checker board patterns.

My favourite fabrics to work with are linen, lace, silk, chiffon, wool, leather/vegan leather.  Textures add depth to your photos. Patterns can be great mixed in with textures. Opt for smaller floral patterns, polka dots or other unique patterns that suit your style, or patterns within textures such as herringbone tights, a chattily lace blouse, a cable knit sweater.

Textures photograph great. Wool scarves or sweaters, leather leggings, lace tops, denim jackets all are awesome fabrics that photograph well.

*Be cautious of cottons and linens – they wrinkle easily, so if your garment is cotton or linen, opt to bring it in a garment bag and change on location.

Also ensure that your knits are free of any pet hair and lint etc, or 9/10 you will get pictures of your significant other picking hair of your shirt.

what to wear winter engagement photos

Winter – the perfect excuse to add layers and textures.

3.  Coordinate your look with your location.

OR dont. I debated putting this one down, because personally I’m conflicted on it. Here is why: Cowboy boots with a cute pastel summer dress looks amazing on a dirt road with the sun setting behind you; super romantic.  Take your country look to a graffiti wall in Toronto and it wont look WRONG and in fact if could look EVEN MORE soft and romantic.  OR if country music is your inspiration, rock your cowboy boots on the urban scene could look amazing too – think “Nashville”.  Go country-glam. (This is actually amazing at night).

The Flip Side: if your scene is a wheat field with the setting sun on the horizon; dont wear Jimmy Choo heels.  You arent going to see them in most of the photos, and they might not look the same when we’re done.

Planning on dressing up? A suit and tie looks so great in an urban area with great architecture, but can make a huge statement when you stroll on the beach with the soft pallete of greys and blues from the water and sky, and the texture of the sand.

The Flip Side: You might be carrying those Jimmy Choos.. but I love a barefoot shot too.


toronto photographer what to wear to engagement photos

night time is the right time – dress up and get dramatic

4. Have Options.

2 options is great – its not uncommon for us to change the scene entirely or go from day date to night date for a more dramatic look.  Engagement shoots are a fun opportunity to be fashionable.  Remember a second set of shoes too!

It also doesnt hurt to have a change of clothes to go home in, depending on the situation. Ive had couples get downright crazy and play in the water, or go wild with building a snow man, so having dry comfortable clothes just in case is a good idea.

London Photographer

Choose clothes that compliment one another, the scene and your shape. Having interesting details like the back of this dress is a bonus.

5.  Choose one outfit that allows for some flow and movement.

The easiest way is to make one of your choices a dress or skirt.  Chiffons and silks are incredible, but any lighter weight fabric will do.  Motion and energy in a photo is nearly as important to me as great lighting. For my guys, this can apply to you also. Depending on the season and style a casual, untucked button up will allow some movement also. Linens rock – especially for beach engagement photos, just bring them in a garment bag so it stays in great shape and doesnt wrinkle..

What to wear to engagement photos Jennifer Hibberd Photography

Easy, breezy, beautiful cover of your engagement album, girl.

Bonus TIP –

Get your makeup and hair done. Makeup particularly adds that next level polished look to your photos. Avoid strip lashes if you can, or ask your MUA to apply them under your real lashes. I work with some incredibly talented makeup and hair artists on a regular basis, and am happy to arrange that for you.




I hope this post was helpful, and inspiring for you and helps with your planning!

If you have any other questions about what to wear to engagement photos, best locations, or hair and makeup looks, send me a message.




Win A Boudoir Shoot – Toronto Area Boudoir Photographer


Toronto Area Boudoir Photographer – Win a Boudoir Shoot!

Its wedding show season, and my big contest item is Win a Boudoir Shoot.

I gave one away as a door prize at the Love Weddings Show and will be giving away TWO at the Towne & Country Wedding Market ! The show is on Sunday March 19th at Holland Marsh Wineries from 12-4pm. 

Women’s portraiture has always been one of my favourite photography genres, and quite a few of my 2017 brides purchased my top package that came with a boudoir shoot!

Since falling back in love with intimate portraiture, Im officially putting myself out there as you search for a Toronto area boudoir photographer.

The lucky gal will get:

There will be 2 chances to win – 1 through winning the door prize, and one draw at my booth!

A Boudoir Shoot is SO much more than something flirty for him – its so fun, and liberating, and such a great way to be pampered for an afternoon. You’ll feel like a goddess.

***Don’t worry – I wont ever post my clients on the web page (unless they beg me to and sign a model release), so have to no fear that if you win, your photos are kept safe and sound, and out of the public eye.***


For a chance to WIN tickets to the show follow me on instagram @jennifer_hibberd_photography, and the @tcweddingmarket

Good Luck to all the ladies who enter! Looking forward to seeing you at the show!toronto area boudoir photographer

To book a session directly contact me at or using my contact page 

I am booking limited numbers between April 15-June 22, and then not again until late fall, as I focus on my wedding clients during the busy season.

If you are interested in organizing a boudoir party with 2-3 of your friends, special accommodations and rates may apply.

Thank you for your interest!


Toronto area boudoir photographer wedding photographer


Naomi & Nick Sunset Point Engagement Photos


Sunset Point Engagement Photos with Naomi & Nick

Sunset Point engagement photos are perfect, but the legendary photo location is more than that for Naomi & Nick; it just happens to be the place that Nick proposed to Naomi!

We started off with puppy photos and ended with some beautiful golden light that dreams are made of – and had a little adventure in between.

Enough chitter chatter, on with Naomi & Nick’s sunset engagement photos!


She really is their baby 🙂



The rocks along Sunset Point call for adventure

sunset_point_collingwood_0003 sunset_point_engagement_photos_0002 sunset_point_engagement_photos_0003


The spot he proposed <3

newmarket_orangeville_barrie_collingwood_wedding_photographer_0001 collingwood_engagement_photos_0001 collingwood_engagement_photos_0000 wedding_and_engagement_photographer_collingwood_0000



What would sunset point engagement photos be without some sunset!?



Loved how these sunset point engagement photos turned out thanks to my special couple Naomi & Nick for being so dang awesome!

This was really fun for me – I hadn’t seen these two since they booked their wedding photography with me back in February! I felt very connected to Naomi right away, and I foresee a lasting friendship forming around our photography relationship!


Cant wait till their wedding next year at Hidden Valley Resort!




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5 Tips on How to Have an Amazingly Imperfect Wedding Day

Newmarket_Orangeville_Barrie_Collingwod_ Wedding_Photographer_0001

5 Tips on How to Have an Amazingly Imperfect Wedding Day

You said YES! You said yes to the dress ! You’ve been planning for months, a year, possibly more.
Venue – Check
Photographer – check
DJ – Check
Florist, caterer, groom’s attire – check, check, check!
Finally it’s your big day and it’s going to be PERFECT!

As an experienced wedding photographer, and former bride myself I just want to reach out and tell you that your wedding day, come what may will be Perfectly Imperfect.  Mary Poppins, look away.

I have a number of friends in the wedding industry. We’ve all seen it. The coolest bride who finds herself in a frenzy because things aren’t going as planned. Stuff happens, we’ll call them “surprises”, but its all in how you prepare YOURSELF for it. Here’s how:

1. Surprise!

Know in your soul that surprises can, and likely will happen. Sometimes they’re big, sometimes they’re measly; but if you let it, it can feel like Mount Vesuvius is errupting.
Your Mottos: Dont make a mountain out of a mole hill.
Bridesmaids – learn the words to Que Sera, or at least the chorus. (This COULD annoy her enough to make her forget about whatever surprise popped up!)


2. Stay hydrated and FED.

Honestly. Nothing sucks worse than low sugar levels mixed with wedding day jitters.
Your Motto: Pass the grub.
Bridesmaids: Lattes & mimosas are awesome, but make sure she eats and drinks something hearty too.


3. Just Breathe.

Take a moment to yourself. Get dressed, slip on your shoes, take a breath away from the hustle and bustle. You might invite your photographer along, as this is a great time for a few iconic bridal portraits as well as some reflection, and mental prep for the rest of the day. Plus your photographer is your friend, and is likely pretty dang skilled at calming a few nerves.
Your Motto: Slow Your Roll
Bridesmaids: Take a moment for yourselves too! You’ve earned it!


4.  Let it GO!

If you can’t submit to the idea of things going wrong – hire a reputable wedding coordinator.  Feel free to email me for a reference for someone that will the perfect fit to help you glide effortlessly through your day.
Your Motto: Let the Pros take care of it.
Bridesmaids: If you see her fretting over the centerpieces, distract her with other things. (This is a real life proven tactic!)


5. The Goal.

Remember what you’re doing all of this for…. You’re getting married!!! This is your FIRST day as husband and wife. Do you want to look back on a tally of things that we’re not perfect or according to plan? Or do you want to remember the love and excitement of getting married along side your best friends, and loving family?
Your Motto: Keep Your Eye on the Prize
Bridesmaids: Tell her to take a deep breath, breath with her… and possibly gently remind her that her photographer is snapping away in the background.





PS – Grooms are NOT exempt or immune to wedding day stress.  These same tips apply to him and his guys.

Have a helpful tip to share with the soon-to-be-wed? Post in the comments!

Windy Engagement Photos – Collingwood Photographer

Alliston, Newmarket, Orangeville, Barrie, Collingwood Wedding Photographer Jennifer Hibberd Photography_0000

Jessica & Niall – Collingwood Photographer Engagement Photos

Holy Smokes! What a crazy windy day!

Jessica & Niall and I decided on Collingwood as the location for their engagement photos, but the weather that day was just ornery! Rain one minute, blaring sun the next… we decided to risk and and head up to see what Mother Nature was going to throw at us.  Wind. Lots of it.

Windy Engagement Photos Collingwood_0000

Jessica’s hair brought a whole new meaning to “beachy waves” which was the overall look we were going for.  Touselled and carefree, I really loved how wild and undone she looked.  I can’t help it – Jimi Hendrix “The Wind Cries Mary” runs through my head every time I see these photos.

Collingwood Engagment Photos_0001

Her flowy skirt was picked up by the wind, while we moved around by the Collingwood Terminals a moody, ever changing sky set the pace for us.

iston, Newmarket, Orangeville, Barrie, Collingwood Wedding Photographer Jennifer Hibberd Photography_0001 Fun Engagement Photos Collingwood_0000

Windy Collingwood Engagement Photos_0000 Creative Engagement Photos Collingwood_0000 Collingwood Engagment Photo_0000

With changing skies, and changing scenery we decided that changing into jeans, getting super casual & comfortable, and heading to Creemore for wings and a pint. *After snapping a few more captures that is!

Collingwood Terminal Engagement Photos_0000 Romantic Collingwood Terminal Engagement Photos_0000 Engagement Photos Collingwood On_0000 Romantic Collingwood Terminal Engagement Photo_0001

I loved hanging out with Jess & Niall and learning about their family, friends and wedding plans!

Hair & Makeup – {The Bridal Beauty Co} MBM Michelle Baquial Makeup & Dang Fine Hair & Makeup

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Looking for a Collingwood Photographer? Contact Me  !



Have an amazing day!  I’ll leave you with Hendrix, but do yourselves a favour and just go get a copy on itunes – I sadly couldn’t find a decent video with good audio of this track!

xo Jen



Muskoka Photographer – Stephanie & Darren


Muskoka Photographer – Stephanie & Darren

Nothing beats a day in Muskoka.  Nothing.

The breeze off the lake, the earthy smell of the forest, the peace and calm. Brings out my inner gypsy (hippy? maybe) everytime.

So when Stephanie & Darren invited me up to shoot at Darren’s parents house on the lake I was a little giddy.  We were initially threatened by weather… rain… bah, I was ready for anything.  I called up my friend Alex to see if she wanted to join me for this little road trip and asked her if she’d bring her film cameras!

I have been interested in shooting film for awhile; inpsired by some of my best photographer friends I couldn’t think of a better time to try it out!  So alternating my full frame Nikon, and a Canon AE-1, loaded with a Fuji 400 film, I shot a film SLR for the very first time!!!

What I learned:

  1.  Film is FUN!!!! You have no clue exactly how its going to turn out so it feels like an adventure!
  2. It slows you down… this was all manual focus; and since you only get 24 shots (instead of 2400) you pause, breathe, meter, pause, breathe, compose, pause, breathe, focussssss, snap.
  3. The snap of the shutter! Its loud and took me by surprise!  So fun.
  4. You have to wait to process it. Film is making a come back, but its still a challenge finding local, or Canadian labs. So you wait, like a kid at Christmas for your prints/scans to come back.
  5. Its EXPENSIVE! That is all.

Anyways, this whole shoot was super fun. Darren and Steph are a hoot – Darren is non stop entertainment which was awesome because Stephanie’s smile is radiant.  Lots of love and fun captured!

They were joined by Lou – their 3-legged beagle, who was completely charming, with fantastic taste in beer.

Enough blabbing – here’s some engagement photos.




Lou has great taste in beer!

Muskoka_Photographer_0005 Muskoka_Photographer_0004

A little bubbly to really celebrate 🙂

Muskoka_Photographer_0006 Muskoka_Photographer_0007 Muskoka_Photographer_0008 Muskoka_Photographer_0009

Muskoka_Photographer_0010 Muskoka_Photographer_0011


Alex and I hit up Trillium on the way home <3

Amazing day all around!


Ill sign out with The Eagles, Live in 1977 – For Darren & his Dad.







If you’re looking for a Muskoka photographer, I am up for the adventure!

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Farm Engagement – Orangeville Photographer


Farm Engagement – by Orangeville Photographer Jennifer Hibberd

Fast cars, freedom and farm life. These two have it all! I was so lucky to be invited to tour their private residence, and get a glimpse of their property, especially since they are tying the knot here! They have been working they bums off getting their property just the way they envisioned it to be for their big day – and its true what they say – Hard work pays off.  I am saving the highlights for the wedding day, but you can see how content these two are, just hanging out on their own turf.

I have a thing for old cars, so before we got to carried away with our shoot, we had to get a few with their ’67 Charger. While I listened to the story of how it came into their possession, I happily snapped away at some of the details of this incredible machine.  I wish I had’ve gotten a look under the hood, but I was just so amazed that I had never noticed before that the Charger didnt have head rests! I found this facsinating lol!

Anyway, here are shots of the car, the girl, the boy and their farm.  I cant wait to show off the labour of their love this September!


The two loves of his life, looking totally boss.


No headrests! Im still amazed!


Gorgeous couple taking a break to just enjoy this amazing summer night.



This barn is going to host an epic party a month from now!

Farm_Engagement_photos_Orangeville_0000 Orangeville_photographer_black_and_white_engagement_photos_0000 Orangeville_Farm_Engagement_photos_0001 Country_engagement_photos_orangeville_photographer_0000 Alliston_newmarket_orangeville_barrie_collingwood_wedding_photographer_0000

I get giddy when I can do a golden hour shoot – the sun, the Queen Anne’s Lace, the plaid. I love it all!

Looking for an Orangeville photographer for a fun engagement shoot? Send me a note!