My Fave Tools & Apps to Run my Wedding Photography Business

Best Tools and Apps For Professional Wedding Photographers

Tools & Apps to Run My Wedding Photography Business

Running any business requires organization, and having tools, systems and workflows in place is essential to achieving success and giving our clients a great experience with us. These are my personal fave tools and apps for professional photographers.


I’ll get into my workflow and systems more in depth in another post, but hands down my favourite tool for client services is Honeybook!  It has pretty much everything you could want to help with your workflows, and is so in depth to talk about so I promise to follow up with a HoneyBook Highlights post sooon, but for now you can get 50% off a membership WITH a 14 day trial!!!

Client Galleries

When it comes to sharing galleries, Pixieset still remains my fave. Its very user friendly for both the photographer, and for the recipient; and does have a store option that you can use to plug in all of your beautiful products that you offer, and choose self fulfill (where you look after their order), or lab fulfill.  I choose self fulfill to serve my clients because I adore my professional Canadian lab, GTA Imaging, and they aren’t set up with Pixieset. Millers and WHC are I believe, which are very popular American labs.  You can use passwords to keep your galleries private, and add a download PIN to make sure that only your client can gain access to the final files.  Its clean and beautiful, and offers many stylistic choices to support your brand.

Professional Wedding Photographer Tools and Apps

Image courtesy of Natalie Frank


I love to treat my clients to a slideshow to highlight the memories we’ve created, and for that I use Smart Slides.  Smart Slides is another ridiculously easy to use program, that makes creating your slideshow project a breeze. It has a great, and always growing royalty free music selection, so you can share to public platforms without worrying about legalities.  I also really like it compared to other software because of the LACK of cheesy transitions and backgrounds. I don’t use them, as I prefer to keep the photos the focus. I use Smart Slides to do sneak peeks for all of my clients, and also to reveal initial wedding album design.

Album Design

To create these beautiful albums, I use Fundy Album Designer. A pricier investment, this album software is worth it if you design multiple albums a year.  The team at Fundy is dedicated to keeping the software current and SUPER easy to use. I love that you can choose to edit a single image withing an album spread in photoshop, and when you have made your changes, its saved in the spread design! No need to reimport!  Its just great, and I use it for every single album, including those Im commissioned to design by other wedding photographers.  (For more on my wedding album design workflows, check out my upcoming workshop!)

Culling (Sorting/Discarding Images)

For culling I cant get enough of how amazing PhotoMechanic is… if you havent tried it – get it. It makes culling 1:1 images a snap – its lightning fast, and once you have your selections, you can highlight them and drag them into lightroom and get to work, having your first cull all done for you! Its the bomb.

Using Tools and Systems in Your Business

Image Courtesy of Andrea Elizabeth Photography


Photoshop is limited to enhanced effects for certain things, or removing distracting objects in the final steps of creating art pieces, but the bulk of my edits are done in Lightroom.  When it comes to exporting, JPEG Mini is a phenomenal plug in for Lightroom, that reduces file sizes WITHOUT compromising quality. This keeps my hard drives from filling up too fast, and also makes for quicker speeds when uploading to Pixieset.  It is also a stand alone program, so if you want to go back and resize older work, or if you dont use lightroom, you’re still covered!


Camera and screen calibrations. I wont edit without calibrating my screens to match the prints I get from my lab. I use Spyder 5 Pro from datacolour to get my colours to match as close as humanly possible, and this gives me the confidence that knowing what Im seeing while editing is what my client will get when they open their albums or hang their art.  I recalibrate every month or so. It’s a pretty quick step to ensure Im delivering the best possible products.

Camera calibration is another beast – but any professional photographer will likely fall into a situation where their shots start to miss focus. It blows when this happens, but when it does – FoCal to the rescue! You take photos of a target, the software reads the images and shows you on your laptop what is happening, and walks you through the calibration process step by step. Most of my lenses needed a micro adjustment, and when I go out to shoot I know that Im good to go.

Social Media Apps

Instagram is my favourite free app to share my work on. Its easy to stay in touch with my followers, but I do plan my content to a certain degree.  To plan ahead so Im not always digging for content I use a free app called UNUM. It allows you to see how all of your photos will look as a curated collection, and even allows you to write your captions. I do a draft of 4-5 posts at a time, then write most of my captions in a block of time that Ive set aside for the week.  This helps me not overthink things at the time, and also be intentional with the message I want to share. Of course there are exceptions were spontaneity is more important and suddenly a cohesive feed isnt a priority, but even with the curation aside, I find using this app I spend less time thinking and messing about looking for content.

Before I sort things out in UNUM, I will head to One Drive.  This is where I keep all of the shots that I want to share, so after I am done editing in Lightroom, I choose One Drive as my location, and I have a folder called Instagram Shares that I navigate to, and export at 72dpi so that Im not bogging down my available space.  Using cloud storage makes accessing my photos super easy.


To get things the right size when Im blogging I use Blogstomp. Its gets things just right, and allows you to change your image title too which is important for blogging. You can do the same thing in Lightroom, but if you want to have any diptychs or collages on your blog, having something like blogstomp is a huge time saver.

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Elizabeth

Reduce Screen Time

That’s a lot of screen time isn’t it! So after a long day of this, I try and keep my screen time to a minimum, and using the screen time settings on my phone can be a helpful reminder. You can choose to lock out certain apps at certain times of the day so that you don’t mindlessly fall down the scroll hole (we’ve all been there, no judging)

Tools and apps are meant to be a time saver, not cause us to do MORE work, so that you have more time to hit the beach. Or catch up on Netflix 😉

I hope you found this brief explanation of all the apps & tools Im currently using helpful. If you use a particularly helpful tool, app or workflow helper, send me an email or let me know in the comments below!

Cover Photo by Natalie Frank


Photography Workshop Experience


Lighting, Posing & Business of Wedding Photography Workshop

I had the pleasure of participating in an amazing in person wedding photography workshop hosted by my incredibly talented friends,  John & Veronica of John & Veronica Photography, located in North York, Toronto.

I can’t begin fully describe the value I got from doing this.  At this time of year, with a stack of editing in the que, albums being designed and packages delivered; it’s sometimes difficult forwedding photographers to take time for themselves, let alone to plan for artistic development and education.

Our group had varying skill & experience levels, J & V kept the workshop very open, with questions and conversation throughout, which made fast friends of the whole group!  I can’t say enough how much this enhanced the workshop – Im a big advocate of Community over Competition and this group was just so awesome and supportive of one another!

Im so inspired, motivated, eager to get out there and apply as much as I can, because its all exactly what I needed and what I was looking for. I feel confident to make some changes that wont just better my business, but will enhance my client experience!
For those that follwed my #BTS shots on my instagram stories, you’ll know that we had a ton of fun!

Without further delay,

Here are a few behind the scenes shots, of John and Veronica in action, my new friends and some of my final shots.
Thanks again to John & Veronica – Have an amazing wedding and honeymoon! xo
John setting up the elinchrom and profoto b1… we later began calling it the butter dish… because those skin tones though!
Behind the scenes shots above… our gorgeous models Jeanne Heckman & Adam Murciano… they met like 5 seconds before these shots…
a few natural light *see how amazing the profoto is?
Then we broke out the Magmod – single flash + mag grid + mag sphere = heart eyes
Then the super fun night shoot – shots below featuring the Westcott Icelight (x2) by Jerry Ghionis
for amazing selfies, and these shots here
like I mean COME ON!
Getting creative with available light
Finally to wrap up day 1 – bare speedlight behind the couple for this piece.  I’m in love!
Loved this experience so much, and look forward to doing it again sometime!

Styled Shoots – What You (Bride’s & Grooms) Need to Know


Styled Shoots – the 411

You might have heard the term Styled Shoot while paroozing Pinterest or the countless wedding blogs the web has to offer.  These shoots, when published by a wedding blog or magazine, provide visual inspiration to help couples plan their day.  What exactly is a styled shoot?  A Styled Shoot is simply a collaboration of wedding vendors that piece together a specific theme to showcase their work.  Typically the photographer or wedding planner might have additional goals to have the work published and credit each participating vendor.  This is a happy moment for most photographers as it provides a certain level of validation, and it’s rewarding to be recognized.

So whats the problem you might ask? Pretty photos giving me inspiration to plan my wedding day and the photographer (and makeup artist, hair stylist, cake designer etc) get accredited in some way? That’s a bonus!

There is no problem with them. So long as you as a bride KNOW what is a styled shoot and what is a real wedding. It can be very hard to tell and, let me tell you – Pinterest, blogs and web pages are FULL of them. So saturated with them that Im a tad concerned that couples might be feeling like their weddings, or worse yet THEY wont measure up to these perfectly perfect, organized events photoshoots; not a hair out of place on the stunning model.  Everything about these shoots are controlled with precision.  The lighting being the biggest one.  Shot in the perfect location where the sun is at the perfect spot in the sky, and rescheduled if there is a threat of rain.  At the alter you wont get that.  Whether you are getting married at a church in front of God, a beautiful country club, or a private backyard, chances are you wont be able to control the light too much aside from the time of day you decide upon.


Justin & Melissa’s Real Wedding Ceremony at Tangle Creek – split lighting.

You also aren’t likely to have a stylist fussing over you, although that would be cool. A maid of honour is a great one to have your back and an eye peeled for stray hairs, but she is human after all, and the odd thing can slip past her.  Even your photographer might be too busy making sure sure your photos are exposed correctly, composed in a complimentary way that he or she is looking at the big picture might not see that your bangs split, or that your necklace clasp is along side your pendant instead of at the nape of your neck.  And you MIGHT think that’s what photoshop is for, which it is a godsend at times; should not be relied on to remedy all these little things.  You really need to talk with your photographer about their photoshopping styles – what they do and dont do to establsh a realistic expectaton.

Weddings are not usually magazine perfection.  Just know that.  They can come close, especially if your expectations are not based on a Pinterest board, and you’re relaxed about your wedding day planning. Understanding that not everything will go as planned will make you a happier bride on the first day of your marriage.


Bride & Groom having fun after their London Wedding Ceremony – dont you love her mint green flats!!!

So Jen? Do you do styled shoots?  You bet I do!!!! I LOVE them! For me a styled shoot is a fantastic opportunity to express myself as an artist.


Styled Trash The Dress Session in Alliston


Pretty sunset styled bridal shoot at Stevenson Farms

Shelburne Golf & Country Club_0004

Multi Vendor (TuesdaysTogether Barrie) Styled Bridal Shower shoot for the Rising Tide Society at Shelburne Golf & Country Club


Behind the scenes at the RTS Shoot at Shelburne Golf & Country Club – Some of my photographer friends – Right to Left – Mark Evers, Alex Ferguson and Hyla Gallow with Model Kristen Au.


A real bride’s Jimmy Choo Shoes

My shoots.

Styled shoots are near perfect.  Weddings and marriages are not.

The Woodlot Restaurant Toronto Wedding Photographer-24

Weddings are about family <3  This is me (left, in black) with extended family that I only metthe day of this wedding I shoot at the Woodlot Restaurant in Toronto! Photo courtesy of my second shooter Brad Quarrington.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and it helps clarify how a styled shoot is executed verses a real wedding, and perhaps what to be wary of when choosing your photographer.  Be sure to  ask to see entire real weddings to determine how they perform under ‘real time’ and see if their style matches yours.


Stevenson Farms Styled Shoot

Beattie Pinery Styled Shoot

Megan and Mike London Real Wedding

Melissa & Justin Tangle Creek Real Wedding


Shelburne Golf & Country Club 1950’s Bridal Shower Inspiration

Shelburne Golf & Country Club_0004

Shelburne Golf & Country Club 1950’s Bridal Shower Inspiration

If you read enough of my blog posts, its likely you may have heard about the Rising Tide Society, and the local TuesdaysTogether local creative groups.  We got together to create this 1950’s Bridal Shower Bridal Shower Inspiration at Shelburne Golf & Country Club

Kristen Au Prestan Tilley Jo MacIntosh are the beauties in this amazing collaboration between multiple vendors that came on as a challenge from the Rising Tide Society.
TuesdaysTogether Barrie had 4 photographers shoot this amazing 50s Bridal Shower Styled Shoot (Mark Evers, Alexandria Ferguson, Hyla Gallo) come together to create a seamless gallery that I cannot tell whos work is whos now! This was an amazing challenge, you all are rock stars! A special thanks to Tatyana Boutique for providing these stunning dresses.


Here are a few of my shots.

Inside the Shelburne Golf & Country Club

Styled Bridal Shower_0000 Styled Bridal Shower_0004 Styled Bridal Shower_0002 Styled Bridal Shower_0003 Styled Bridal Shower_0001 1950's Bridal Shower Photography_0001


Outside the Shelburne Golf & Country Club

Shelburne Photographer_0001 Shelburne Photographer_0002 Shelburne Photographer_0004 Shelburne Photographer_0003 Shelburne Golf & Country Club_0001 1950's Bridal Shower Photography_0002 Shelburne Golf & Country Club_0003 Shelburne Photographer_0005 Shelburne Golf & Country Club_0003 Shelburne Golf & Country Club_0004


Click HERE the gallery from the 1950’s Bridal Shower Photography Inspiration Collaboration. (Live Link for the month of July)



Mimosa Monday – Grateful for Photographer Friends


Today I am grateful for my photographer friends.

Today’s Mimosa Monday I am grateful for my photographer friends. While I cannot list all of them in this post, I want to celebrate how lucky am I to have found such great, meaningful relationships over the years.

This past week, and over the weekend too, I got together with just a handful of these fine photographers; a couple of them multiple times, because of a super fun shoot we did on Sunday!

Each time I get together with my photographer friends, I learn something from them.  We share our struggles and our triumphs, realizing that we are not alone in this massive, high pressure industry.  We’re here to help eachother, with no secrets, no ulterior motives, in the spirit of Community Over Competition – and its SO very refreshing.  It’s not just a network, it’s a community – and it’s awesome.

Alexandria came over and I gave her beer which she did not like lol, and we talked pricing and contracts, and she shared her new business cards with me!  Saturday night we picked up the goodies from Country Lane Vintage Rentals for the shoot on Sunday.

Bobbi Jo and I hung out on Saturday morning while her son played baseball in my little town. It was about a billion degrees, we hid out in the shade for a bit keeping our babies cool, and talked print collections and #momlife stuff; as we often do with Kristin over messenger.  Those 2 keep me sane many days of the week.

Mark and I go way back, shooting our first big wedding together back in 2o11. It was so great shooting with him again on Sunday as part of the Rising Tide Society Styled Shoot Challenge.

I met Hyla for the first time this past week also.  It was so great talking to her about our business goals, the challenges of running a studio, and being an entrepreneur and Mom, while our kids played on the grass in my back yard.  Lucky for TuesdaysTogether Barrie, Hyla was able to join us Sunday also!


Im so fortunate to know these people.  Every one of them embraces community over competition whole heartedly.

Thank you for your friendships.

Follow my photographer friends – they have great feeds; and stay tuned for our Styled Shoot Challenge Album post!

Hyla @hylaphotog

Alexandria @alexxfergyy

Mark Evers Photography 

Bobbi Jo @lovebeephotography

Kristin @kristinpeereboomphotography

And for fun, I’ll leave you with this anthem about friends by Joe Cocker from Woodstock to sing along to on this fine Monday 🙂

Contact me if you have any questions about the RTS, TuesdaysTogether, or you are interested in doing a styled shoot with my photographer friends 🙂

Mimosa Mondays – Photographer Toasts


Welcome to Mimosa Monday! A weekly instalment of celebrating life, love and things I’m grateful for ❤️

Welcome to our first “MM” post!
This weekend was Victoria Day weekend, a long weekend in Canada more commonly known as May 2-4(two-four).  An American friend and ex-coworker of mine once told me it was the Canadian’s “Another Excuse to Drink” holiday. Lincoln, you’re not to far off!  Which is why I chose today to launch our first Mimosa Monday.

While I would love to keep MM posts positive and light I need to start out by saying that his weekend didn’t start off so awesome.

My husband lost a friend in a motorcycle accident early Friday morning.  His name was Mike.  Adam worked with him for a number of years and always had such kind things to say about him.  He told me years ago that he used to playfully badger Mike and say “when are you getting married?” “And hurry up and propose already!”  One day Adam came home all excited because Mike had a plan and sure enough he proposed to Olivia in such a romantic way, after a long mountain bike ride on a cool forest trail, with with hot sweaty palms he popped the question.  I remember Adam saying Mike even had a placebo diamond – just in case he messed up somehow.
We went to their wedding just last July.  Olivia made the most beautiful bride I have ever seen, and Mike beamed with pride all day.  We learned that they had known eachother their whole lives; which was more then obvious. You could see they were best friends. Their parents were friends, living on the street behind, with yards that backed onto each other.  I am pretty sure that Adam and I wrote something like “It’s about time” on a Jenga block, their fabulous alternative for a guest book. Mike cried at the reception; during and after speeches.  It was so very touching, I will admit to shedding more than a few tears – and I didnt really even know these people.  Some people just have it. They have hearts of gold and they wear them on their sleeves.  Mike was one of those people.

M&O were just getting started in life.  They had just gotten a puppy.  Nothing prepared Olivia, or their family for this. No one saw this coming.

I was lucky enough to chat briefly with Steve, from Connie and Steve Photography, who were lucky enough to capture the love between Mike and Olivia… you can see their photos here.  Thank you Connie and Steve. As a photographer I know the bittersweet honour and privelege it must be to capture these images….. some of the best memories a family can have.

Rest in Peace Mike.


With tears in my eyes, I will raise my glass to Mike, and to life.

Life is worth celebrating every day.
Hug your family a little tighter, pick up the phone and call you Mom. Tell someone what they mean to you.  Be present in life, in your relationships.
Find your thing worth celebrating and make a toast.



Directive Posing – Maternity Photos – Alliston Photographer in front of the lens

beautiful maternity photos

Twice now in the last couple weeks Ive had the opportunity to work with some Alliston photographer friends – this time in FRONT of the lens!

It’s a great experience and I highly recommend it to any and all photographers that they try this at least once.

Its a direct approach to getting an inside scoop at how your own clients might be feeling during a photo session. When another photographer directs you, not only do you get some new tips on poses, but you might also learn what works and how certain direction can come across!

Now Im lucky because I know some of these people so very well, that Im very much at ease with them – which of course makes everyones job so much easier.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; spending time with our clients, getting to know them; developing that relationship will end up with MUCH better photos!

So before I skip to the photos, here is my list of directive posing tips for other photographers for great photos and happy, comfortable clients.

Of course candids are worth their weight in gold, so don’t focus too much on getting the exact shot you have in your mind, and let loose and have some fun!


Maternity Photos!

Makeup and hair in the first series is done by the ever talented Alana Wagner MUA (Who also happens to be an equally amazing photography assistant!)

Jacket – Danier Leather

Lace Blouse, skinny jeans and raspberry sweather  – Motherhood Maternity

Boots- French’s of Nashville

Earings – Ardene

Belt – Aldo


Dawna Cox Maternity Photo


This first one is by Dawna Cox Photography

Terri Christine - Maternity Photos

Photo By Terri Kristine

Sunset Maternity

Gorgeous warm light and scrumptious sunflare by Jennifer Gilbert Photography


Another by Terri Kristine. I like the pose Im working here, and the rim light is awesome! I also like the movement in the sweater.  Plus, my boots… I mean seriously? They steal the show.

You totally can’t tell we were freezing our buns off, can you? It was BRRRRR COLD!

Alliston Photography Club

Group photo pull back by Mark Evers Photography

From my shoot with fellow Alliston Photographer, and close friend of mine

Kristin Peereboom Photography – ***Side note*** – Kristin and I have worked together numerous times, so I am at complete ease with her, we’re great friends, and honestly can be myself – even on that side of the lens. This is another reason why developing a relationship with your photographer is critical! I was able to more or less pose myself, and Kristin directed me to get the best light/angles/backgrounds. As you can see we make a stellar team!

Gown: Baby In Vogue

Flower Crown: Kristin

Necklace: Tiffany and Co.

Hair & Makeup: Me.

Maternity Photos

beautiful maternity photos


Secret Location Maternity Session

DSC_4165 WR

I could go on about this session forever, as it was perfect – the temperature for early March, my secret location, getting to hang with my friend; the overall mood and organic fee… it was all on point.  To see more of this session go to Kristin’s blog post here.


Thank you to everyone who sent me photos – likely my last baby, I truly appreciate the experience, and the love I recieved from all of you xo


By Appointment Only { Alliston Wedding Photographer }


By Appointment Only – Alliston Wedding Photographer

The day has come! The paint is dry, the photos hung, cozy pillows tossed on the couch, and of course the Tassimo machine is plugged in.

Heart and soul; blood, sweat and tears. A dream became reality this past week and a bit.  I opened a boutique wedding and portrait photography studio at 29 Paris St in Alliston.

Deciding if a space of my own would be at the top of my goal list for 2016 didn’t come lightly.  There are always voices (both internal and external) that question if you can do this. With any major business decision you cannot ignore it, and you must weight the pros and cons! I did just that – for 3 months. Crunched numbers, finessed a budget, evaluated risks.  Evaluated what I could gain every bit as much as what I could lose.  In the end, change is good, and I’m always up for a challenge!

“I would never be able to sleep if I ignored my loudest inner voice saying “Go For It”.”

But enough about all that! Here are the “Before and Afters, of this journey so far – which is ALWAYS a work in progress, but Im super proud of how it’s unfolding. Pardon the iphone photos.


Working with helpful (dirty faced)
toddlers around is pretty awesome 🙂  Adam is a pro at patching walls too I might add (work for hire! lol)

Alliston_Wedding_Photographer_Studio_0002At times it didn’t feel like it would ever be done.


Lots of little projects – like recovering this chair with a fresh fun pattern.


And my desk, which had seen better days got a fresh coat of Fusion paint that I picked up at 3 Sheep Mercantile in Cookstown!


An old piece in a new home, and new favourite coffee cup that waits for my arrival, along side this photo of my great grandparents.


Redid the coffee table too; keeping its old world history and charm, and a fresh coat of stain. I love this stuff – I could repurpose, makeover things for days!


Pardon the instagramy filter – I took the first after photo at like 11pm when I had pieced it all together; and didnt notice that I had put some crazy colour on it lol (So much better with a real camera thank God), but this is it! My new home away from home!

“The thing Im most excited for is spoiling my clients here.”

The moment their photos are ready they will be invited along with 4-5 of their friends and family to come in, have a little bubbly, and some appetizers, watch a custom slideshow of their wedding day and see all their photos, and pick out materials for thier albums.   Here my brides and grooms can relive their day and celebrate their new life together with some of their favourite people.  That is why I do what I do, and what makes my heart full!

2 seconds that I want to spend talking about my neighbours and how excited I am to be on this street!

Paris Street is part of the downtown core.  A little one way street with some AMAZING businesses and a bustle of activity.

My neighbour to the north – Hair with Hart.  Truly talented, fun, (actually she’s hillarious and my belly hurts every time I leave there!) and just so refreshingly genuine. I’ll be doing a full feature on Cait Hart, as I just think she’s incredible, and I have her to thank for tipping me off on the space!

To the south – Indian Flames – an authentic Indian restaurant.  While I was painting I couldnt help but notice the flourish of activity in and out of this place ALL DAY! It is obviously a very popular lunch spot, and at dinner I spotted old friends on their way over, and flagged them in to sneak a peak at the progress I was making.  They told me it was one of their favourite restaurants; and that I just had to try it!  It’s now at the top of my to do list!  Lunch date anyone?!

Across the road – Armstrongs Cleaners – I mean, this place has been there for decades – and again, the volume of people popping in and out, its no wonder its such a huge success! Which reminds me – I have a few things to take in.

Around the corner on Victoria is Range Of Motion Massage Therapy, who is ALWAYS booked solid so I’ve learned to book my appointments well in advance.

The atmosphere.  Its charming. Lined with classic black lamp posts featuring large snowflakes (during the holiday season)- its like the perfect compliment to the logo on my business cards hehe! You’ll pass a large arched window if you walk past, and a brick walk way leads to my door.  By appointment you will be greated by me, in a warm, comfortable boutique environment, where we can discuss your wedding photography or lifestyle portrait photography needs while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee.

If you are looking for an Alliston Wedding Photographer, or Newmarket, Orangeville or Barrie wedding photographer give me a call or send me an email and we’ll set up a casual meeting at the studio!

For more about me – Learn More About Jen

To contact me – Email me!

or call




Rising Tide Society – Tuesdays Together Barrie

Alliston Photographer Tuesdays Together Barrie Leader

Hola! I need to tell you about Tuesdays Together Barrie! I’m so excited about this!

Back in the fall of 2016 I learned about a huge organization of creatives on Facebook called the Rising Tide Society. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing this group is, and how many resources are offered to supporting and helping creative entrepreneurs.

In a nutshell, the organization has smaller community groups that meet the second Tuesday of every month in the spirit of community over competition. The groups are called Tuesdays Together. I had joined the Toronto chapter and was highly inspired by the monthly topics, the positive, engaging posts the leaders Jenn Kavanagh & Hattie Dunstan, and had already met some of the group in seminars at my professional print lab. Unfortunately I never was able to make a meeting due to the distance, so was only able to participate so much; and it burned a hole in my creative soul.

I late February I applied to be a leader for our area. We’re listed as the Tuesdays Together Barrie group on facebook and have 42 members, and our first meeting Tuesday March 8th!

If you are a creative entrepreneur running, or starting up a small business in the Barrie, Collingwood, Alliston, Innisfil, Newmarket, Orillia areas I urge you to take a look at what it we will be doing.  The information and support provided within the Tuesdays Together groups is phenomenal.  Even if you can’t make a meeting, I can promise you will benefit from hanging around on the Rising Tide web page, facebook page and the Tuesdays Together facebook group pages.

I want to add too, that this is not just a group for photographers!  It’s for all creatives – florists, makeup artists, designers, stationers, musicians etc – the list goes on and on!

Our first meeting for the Tuesdays Together Barrie group is planned for the 8th at 7pm; and is planned to be held at my brand new studio at 29 Paris St Alliston, marking this group as my very first guests! We have 10 people going which I think will FILL my studio, so I better go and dig up some more chairs 😉

For more info – contact me here