Candid Family Photos at Mukilteo Beach, Washington

A few days before Christmas I took my guys down the the Mukilteo Beach.  It was cold and windy (not as cold as back home though!), but that has very rarely stopped them from exploring though.

Didn’t stop me either – Im reminded of how much I love the sea, while Im clicking away; taking it all in….

It was a perfectly sunny day, making the Olympic & Coastal range mountains pop in the distance.  The smell of salt water air, the wind whipping our hair, boats coming into the harbour, and two little boys who seem to be declaring war on the waves that threatened to splash their feet.

The driftwood that has found its permanent home on the pebbly beach have signs telling visitors not to burn it, but instead to use the designated beach fire pits.

I vow to come back and have a beach fire -wouldn’t that be so perfect?  We already know were coming back in June, so Mukilteo Beach – Its a date!

Ollie did get soaking wet, and ended up walking around in his socks before I was able to convince him to maybe head back to the car.

I really cant wait to come back to Washington in the summer!


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