Buckets of Goals – A Bucket List for Destination Weddings



Hey Friends!  Last week I wrote about my desire to shoot some intimate destination weddings and elopements in this post, and as promised here is my list of places. Basically I’m writing this for anyone who is considering doing a destination wedding to somewhere cool, and thinking of bringing me along to document it. As a special thank you for bringing me along on your destination wedding, I have a special surprise thank you gift for you 🙂

Here is my list!


Cross Canada Destination Weddings or Elopements


St Johns Newfoundland

Banff  or Jasper Alberta

Tofino British Columbia

Basically ALL of BC – I’ve never felt more alive than when I spent time there last Christmas.


Halifax Nova Scotia


Local(ish) Elopements or Couples Sessions

Algonquin _Park_Destination_Wedding

Algonquin Park

Bruce Peninsula National Park

Lake Superior Provincial Park



Currently these are all for domestic destination weddings or elopements.

I currently do not have the permits to work within the US, despite being in Nashville & Seattle so much for personal travels; I just haven’t gone down that rabbit hole yet.  That being said, if you’re in Washington and want to work with me on a shoot, its just a hop skip and a jump up to Canada! Get your passport ready!


As for all inclusive destination weddings to the tropical resorts – I am not in a position to shoot those right now.  It’s much cheaper to fly someone down for a longer duration (example – 7 days) and I just cant be gone that long. Despite REALLY wanting to be, its best if I get back within 3 days. Ok… maybe I can make an exception now and again!

All that aside – I’m a Canadian Destination Wedding Photographer – and that is perfect because Canada is incredibly beautiful and I’ve longed to see more of it!


Message Me here if you want to chat about destination weddings or joining me at one of these locations and making some magic together!