Brittany & Scott’s Fall Wedding Photo Album


Hello all you beautiful people! Today’s post is so exciting for me, because its my daughters wedding! Last year they planned a beautiful fall wedding in just a few months and gathered at Valley Croft with their families and best friends.

The day was so beautifully documented by my friend Kristin, and her second shooter Emily is also a friend of mine.

It was really an honour to be there, and being on this side of the fence really gave me a lot of perspective of how a wedding photographer can make or break your day.

I actually assisted the photographers a few times because its just too fun not to lol! We played with some off camera lighting and used Atmosphere Aerosol for a few really dramatic shots.

Its almost been a year so Brittany and I are working on her album in time for their first anniversary. They simply cannot imagine sitting with a laptop and clicking through their memories, so they opted to have a 100 page, deep matte photo album custom made for them, with some custom detailing on the first spread.

The album is on order so I will be sure to post photos of it when it arrives, but for now, take a look at their wedding album slideshow, or scroll through the actual album spreads below to see their custom album.


I will write another post on the process behind creating an album, pro tips, and also info on how I can help you design your album (whether you are the consumer, or photographer looking to reduce their workload, and free up time to do other important things), so stay tuned for that!


Click to play Brittany & Scott’s Fall Wedding Photo Album

All photos by Kristin Peereboom Photography, Album Design be Me.

Below is all the final spreads. Note Because, sometimes you just cant choose; Brittany & Scott chose to combine some black and white photos into coloured spreads, breaking some of the “rules”. We’re rebels like that. I think it looks freaking gorgeous this way too.


Fall Wedding Photo Album_0000

Fall Wedding Photo Album_0001 Fall Wedding Photo Album_0002

Fall Wedding Photo Album_0033 black and white wedding photo album black and white wedding albumFall Wedding Photo Album_0040 Fall Wedding Photo Album_0042

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