Branding Photography, Day 3!

How are you doing? Have you been following along with my 7 day blog series, in which I do a little recap of everything that I am currently offering, photography wise?

If so, thanks so very much! Your support means a lot to me.

If this happens to be your first time reading my blog, and are wondering what this series is about, you can read PART ONE here and PART 2 here. So far Ive reintroduced myself, and shared how important family photography is right now.

Day three however, is for the small businesses out there.  Personal branding photography is something I dove into heart first, after working so closely with so many creative professionals through my wedding photography, my wedding shows, and also leading Tuesdays Together (Rising Tide Society local groups).

Personal Branding Photography is a service designed for small businesses, creative entrepreneurs and artists to be able to keep their social media content updated, with consistency and confidence; to stand out in their market.  



personal brand photos with the Social Project

No Matter Where Your Clients See You, Make Sure they See the Real You.

I LOVE this work. I GET it. The struggle to have something to post (on social media) can be kinda stressful, especially when its authentic content that truly represents your brand…. You can’t phone that shit in! 

Even if social media isnt your game, most of us need quality work to post on our websites, and some of us also need business cards for quick sharing in meetings as well.  

Head shots are sometimes all we need, but many of the clients I work with need a large variety of images that captures who we are (as the face of the brand), what we do (behind the scenes images) and even who and why we do what we do, which collaboratively, I help you tell this story.

Any way you slice it, brand photos are an important part having a cohesive brand image.

Personal Brand Photos in New York City

Branding Photography is 100% Collaborative

One of my strengths, and what you will hear from other clients, is that I make you feel comfortable, and that begins long before we begin shooting. I take the time to understand your unique challenges, your vision and goals. Its important to make this a collaborative experience, which makes your shoot truly bespoke.

Together we work out all the details, including preferred editing style, location, styling and products are all considered and discussed in our pre-shoot planning phase.  

After all, I want to see you rise and flourish!

Brand Photos are a part of a solid brand image

Who Is Best Suited for Branding Photography?

Personal branding photography is for any small business, with creative businesses  making up the bulk of my portfolio. Clients include other photographers, florists, reiki masters, yoga instructors and studios, a tea company, graphic design artists, and many more.

Whether you are a solopreneur, or managing a small team, if you need a variety of images to sprinkle in your social media pages, website, blog or other advertising means, consider branding photography session.

What comes to mind for yourself when you think of branding photography? Let me help your vision come to life, with a personalized session.

Personal brand and lifestyle photographer

Coming soon – Fall 2020 – VIDEO!

I am so excited to share that I will be soon offering short personal brand videos, custom suited for instagram (IGTV, and feed) facebook, or any other platform you like to hang out on.

I could go on and on about all the ways video can elevate your brand, but I probably dont need to – you already know 🙂


So before I sign off – I am still offering my branding photography sessions as a BOGO, because I know so many of us really took a hit this year with Covid, and as the world begins to reopen I want to help you be front of mind for your clients.

Contact me using THIS LINK, and if for some reason you dont hear back, just message me on facebook.  My CRM updated how my contact form works with wordpress, so fingers crossed everything works still lol or better yet, if you’re keen to get started, you can schedule a meeting with me! 






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