So You Wanna give your Significant Other a boudoir album. Ive got some thoughts on this.


“OMG Im so excited! Its a gift for my spouse on our wedding day!”


Me: “AWESOME! Congrats!!!”


“Ya, and I figure I may have kids and my body wont always look this way?”


Me: Nodding (and recalling my own body at that age)


“Ya and I want to remember how I looked in this stage in my life”


Now were getting somewhere. It might feel like its a gift for you SO, BUT… if its SO much more.


Look ladies. Boudoir is fucking FUN.

So even if you start off planning on doing a session as gift for your wedding, or anniversary; EVERY SINGLE WOMAN IVE EVER PHOTOGRAPHED has said the same thing in the end:


“Really its more for me”.

And that aligns with what I preach around here.

Its your time, and you celebrating YOUR body as an artform – you are connecting with your divine feminine essence. Truly a gift you cannot possibly comprehend until you’ve done it.


BUT all that aside – it DOES make a great gift, and I was actually inspired to write this post because I was flipping through some old hard drives looking for some photos of my kids as babies (again… a whole other post about the importance of printed photographs) when I found these shots.

I dont shoot weddings much these days, but had to share, because I DO do boudoir, in my studio or in your home, and specialize in making books, albums and artwork to preserve the memory.


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How to do a Boudoir Photoshoot and Make a Boudoir Album

Step 1. Contact me (link below or in the main menu)

Step 2. We craft a session around you, your energy, your intentions.

Step 3. My assistant and I style you and guide you through a glorious, empowering session.

Step 4. A few weeks later, you return to the studio where I have a predesigned album digitally created, and together we tweak it to design the perfect album for you. You choose cover materials, any signature messages to include, anc customizations to make this a truly memorable gift… no matter who its for.

Step 5. Approx 8 weeks later your album is delivered into your hands.

WARNING! You will feel emotional seeing yourself in print and this whole process is mildy addictive. You’ve been warned!



Now Booking Fall/Winter 2022.

Contact me to get started.