Sunday Dec 3, and Saturday Dec 9th, 2017

This is a first for me – a boudoir event, but not just any event.  This one is meant to raise awareness and also some useful items or cash to donate to Youth Haven, a youth shelter in Barrie ON.

November is philanthropy month – and my Barrie TuesdaysTogether group is going to do a coat and personal supplies drive (deodorant, toothbrushes, socks, hats, gloves etc – date TBD) and I am going to add to it by doing a Boudoir Photoshoot Event – OUTDOORS.

Wait! Don’t go! I know it sounds OUTRAGEOUS to do a boudoir shoot outside. In the dead of winter.  But hear me out.

Its fast, easy, and painless and comes with lots of fun, laughter, and hot beverages – all for a great cause.

How it works:

Pick the package that works best for you.

Option 1: 

You, Me – outside at my private farm near Hanover – wearing something “Boudoir-esque.  I’m a big advocate that we all have a different idea on what is sexy, so we can brainstorm together and do something that SUITS YOU!. We can go a little glam, sexy or be brazen and wear your skivvies (and totally OK to wrap in a blanket – its not cheating.) .

You give me 5 minutes, I give you one digital file – you can print it or share with your love, or plaster on social media to celebrate this crazy but INVIGORATING (and how you gave back to the community is worth a pat on the back too).

Cost: one donation in the way of a coat (sizes sm, med, large, in mens and ladies), or donation of other personal care items.  A min cash donation of $50 is requested if shopping is not up your alley. 

100% of proceeds go to Youth Haven.


Fearless & Fabulous – the cold air is good for ya 😉

Option 2:

Same thing, only this time we add on a short inside session as well (we suggest starting INSIDE, then doing the outdoor portion after – to avoid red cheeks and sniffly noses).  Pick your favourite outfit, and we’ll shoot in my 1890’s farm house that has been lovingly restored, with amazing light. (PS, have you SEEN my kitchen?)

You give me 30 minutes (25 in, 5 out) and I’ll give you 3 digital files + an online viewing gallery, and in person ordering session.

Cost: $200 (and a item donation if ya have it!)

$100 of proceeds goes to Youth Haven



You give me 60 mins, I’ll give you hair and makeup + 5 digital files + online viewing gallery, and in person ordering session.  I’ll also give you hot chocolate and or wine.

Cost: $350 – THIS EVENT ONLY

$125 of proceeds go to Youth Haven.


cozy boudoir Photos taken on my stairs, all natural lighting.


Whichever package you choose – its all for a good cause, and if you’ve never had a boudoir photo shoot than you’re in for such a treat.

Don’t have time to shoot but want to give back? No problem – just shoot me a message and we can help coordinate a drop off and provide receipts if necessary!



If you are available to greet clients, pass around hot chocolate, and help with the flow of the day, please let me know!


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XO and Stay Warm 😉