Retro Tangle Creek Wedding – Ali & Lee

Ali & Lee – Retro Tangle Creek Wedding   Ah that time of year; feeling the cool crisp air and the crunch of leaves underfoot.  Fall for most photographers is a super stressful time – and because Ive been gallivanting all over California for the better part of the month,[…]

Neustadt Wedding – Chanel & Mike

Neustadt Wedding – Chanel & Mike   Ever have those times that you wish you could be two places at once? That was me the day of Chanel and Mikes Neustadt wedding. I adore these two so much – they are two of the coolest people ever and I just cant[…]

Intimate Wedding In Horning’s Mills – Melissa & Kurt

Intimate Wedding In Horning’s Mills – Melissa & Kurt   Melissa & Kurt planned their intimate wedding in Horning’s Mills, where they live – which made for a super relaxed day for every one involved. They were upfront in the beginning that they weren’t interested in styled details, such as[…]

Major Samskaras of My Life (Old Thought Patterns and Conditioning)

The Major Samskaras of My Life (As I Have Witnessed in My Level Of Consciousness) What is a Samskara? In yoga a samskara is a karmic inheritance of an emotional pattern or belief. It can be positive or negative. In psychology and the coaching world its better known as Programming[…]

Happy Valentines Day – Lifestyle Childrens Photos

Welp. Happy Valentines Day, or Galentine’s Day – Depending on your situation!   Do you do the Valentines Day thing? My hubby and I dont really do much, never really have, but I still like it – despite its commercial nature. I kinda like the day after better though when[…]

My Fave Tools & Apps to Run my Wedding Photography Business

Tools & Apps to Run My Wedding Photography Business Running any business requires organization, and having tools, systems and workflows in place is essential to achieving success and giving our clients a great experience with us. These are my personal fave tools and apps for professional photographers. CRM I’ll get[…]

Christmas Might Be Over But Im Still In the Giving Mood!

Christmas Might Be Over But I’m Still In the Giving Mood! Christmas might be over folks, but that doesn’t mean I’m done with giving! My wedding photography company has a year of great promos planned, just to add a little extra something something to each of the packages that I[…]

Professional Photographers Album Design Workshop

Professional Photographers Album Design Workshop   Finally!  After years of serving wedding clients and mentoring other Professional Photographers, Im excited to say I am launching my Album Design & Sales Workshop! This workshop is geared towards wedding and portrait photographers who are looking to offer valuable printed products to their[…]

THANK YOU!!!! Personal Development, Goals and Stuff

Dear Clients: Past Present and Future! Thank you!!!!!   Normally at this time of year I would share a 2018 highlight video, or blog post; but this year with our unusually lengthy travel plans, I’m forgoing that plan (for now).  Instead I am popping in with a simple, but heartfelt[…]

Mini Winter Engagement Session

Mini Winter Engagement Session with Justin & Julia during my “Late Fall Family Sessions” at my farm.   Im not going to word it up here in this post. I’ve pumped out 4 galleries today and was going to call it a day, but Im just too excited not to[…]