Birth Photographer – Yes I do birth photography too!

I was on the fence on whether I should blog this topic here on a website that showcases intimate weddings and elopements, vow renewals etc – so I initially made a landing page for it to keep it separate but in the end, here we are, talking about birth photography on my wedding blog.

Here’s why I decided to share it here:

*It’s phenomenal.  You cant deny the miracle of birth yo!

*Many of my past clients are reaching this stage in their lives where they are having babies – and many of those clients are unorthodox, non traditional thinkers who are open to this idea.  So if they are, maybe you are too?

*Its raw. It’s emotional. Its messy. Its beautiful. Just like life.

*I freaking love it.



Just like I love capturing a couple in love; I love capturing women and their partners experience what they will most likely describe as the happiest moment of their lives. The love they feel for this new tiny human that they made is unfathomable, overwhelming and intensely emotional.  Also they way they feel about each other! Documenting the support, and the strength you demonstrate, and the connection that birth brings…. I don’t know how else to describe it.


So I put it out there that I do shoot births, and I’d love for you to share this with anyone who would be interested or who is looking for a birth photographer.

Birth Photography

Watch this full Family Centred Home Birth photography slideshow to see how I document birth.(non graphic, but emotionall)

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