Our Story From Jason’s Eyes: by Jason Lewis – Spring Picnic Engagment Contest

“We are doing everything backwards, because it works for us!”

Becca & Jay - Our Story From Jason's Eyes - Spring Picnic Engagement Contestant 2

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“Becca & I had known each other for years prior to us becoming “us”. [I worked for her dad for years] I used to work for the family business, and she started working weekends when she was in school for extra money. Soon as I seen her I fell in love, thought how can I make that beautiful girl mine, she didn’t have the same thought towards me at first [she will still admit it lol] Then I would always convince myself that I would never have her. After going through a rough separation, she was my rock, helped me get through the lowest points in my life. She was always there, and we became close friends.

After my separation she was the only one who was there for me. The night she picked me up I knew she was the one, her family opened their home to me, and I moved in. She and her family went to Florida a few days after I moved in I stayed home to watch the dog. (true story). Becca would call to check in every now and then while she was in Kentucky she called me and asked me to be her boyfriend [February 2011]. I couldn’t believe she was going to be my girl, I didn’t hesitate and said yes.

After 2.5 years of being together, living together, and talking about the future, we both wanted to have children but we were told we would never have any. Well on June 15, 2013 when I came home from work, Becca showed me that we were about to grow bigger. We were finally getting a gift of a lifetime. She was pregnant with our Triplet Boys. I couldn’t believe she was going to be such an amazing mama. December 2013 we welcomed our three healthy, amazing boys.

Becca had dropped hints for months, would send me ideas or pictures of rings she liked. I would always tell her meh, maybe. Then one day it was like, Yes I want her to be mine forever, I want her to be my wife. To always have her by my side. I asked her dad to come with me to pick out a ring, he stood outside the store and told me that this was a moment I had to decide. That ring burned a whole for almost two months in my pocket. Her family is very close and I knew I had to do it when everyone was home. Between the boys turning 1, parties and craziness of everyone working I was running out of time.

The women at the jewelry store told me it wasn’t allowed to be a Christmas Present, so I had been hinting around champagne and different wines. Neither of us are big drinkers. She thought I was weird. Well Christmas Eve 2014 I poured wine for her Dad, Mum, sister, Becca and myself. Her parents and sister held the boys while I began to read the poem I had written, and then I called a toast, got down on one knee and asked her if she would come be a Lewis with me, and our boys.
She said YES!!! [She is going to be my wife!!!]

With all the wedding plans beginning, Dress shopping, vendors, meetings, appointments, whatever task has to be done, we are doing it together. I didn’t think life together could get any better but the engaged life is such a fun and exciting time.

Life is just beginning with a pile of years ahead of us I am pretty thankful for the life i have had the last 4 years with Becca.

So in September 2016, I marry the women of my dreams, where I can finally say she is my wife.”