A little Introduction is in order here.

Jen Hibberd Photographer Writer Life Coach

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Over the past couple years Ive learned a lot about myself. Ive always been an open book (which is great since I’m writing one…), and it’s allowed me to connect with people in a very elevated way.

I’ve connected with my clients on a more personal level, giving them an incredibly warm experience where they feel like they are working with a close friend instead of a random stranger, but its also allowed me to open my business to others, and go from solopreneur to entrepreneur, with my small but mighty team.

Over the past 2 years Ive worked 1:1 with a few incredibly talented artists, who Im proud to call my Team Members, or Associates interchangeably, and sometimes I just call them My Girls – because we are tight as peas in a pod, so this intro is as much theirs as it is mine.

We are all so different, My Girls and I:

Alex is young and spunky with more energy than anyone I know, and always has brightly coloured hair.  She loves dogs, her man Chris and whiskey.  She’s basically a badass – one that likes the occasional nap.

Hyla is a lover of tea, golden sunsets and quiet moments, and its no surprise that she is an extraordinary documentary photographer. She is also a Mom to 4 boys so if your worried about your wedding party going rogue during photo time, fear not – she’ll keep them in check.

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Jess will be leaving us at the end of this season to pursue her own dreams and goals, to which we all wish her the best of luck because she rocks so hard. She will be very missed by our team.

And me,well I am living my best life. I know that phrase is so overused, but honestly I cant put it any other way. Im so grateful for all the crazy things that have happened to me, for the doors that have closed and opened, and for the amazing relationships Ive formed in the process.

The common thread that makes us a kick ass team is our desire to serve you with intention. We know that no two couples are the same, just as we know it’s not just a handful of photos we’re delivering, and we keep that close to our heart.




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