Ali & Lee – Retro Tangle Creek Wedding


Ah that time of year; feeling the cool crisp air and the crunch of leaves underfoot.  Fall for most photographers is a super stressful time – and because Ive been gallivanting all over California for the better part of the month, I guess Ive had it easier than most!

Stuff is getting done, including the final edits on Ali and Lee’s Retro Tangle Creek Wedding – but what always suffers in wedding season is blogging…. just doesnt happen.  But what does happen is this:

Your Wedding Story, as told by me, in a slideshow. Less words, more action. So lets go.

These are a few of my favourites, mainly in black and white for a strong story telling appeal, but don’t worry – tons and tons of colour images in the final gallery. (You weren’t worried, I know).

Ali  Lee – Time for champagne and caviar or whatever you indulge on (beer and a little chips and salsa sounds pretty good to me).

Also do not forget tissues. Tissues, drinks and snacks.  Enjoy, and stand by for your final gallery,