Adventures in Washington Post 1 – Big Gulch Trail – Dec 18th 2017

If you are joining in to follow our adventures in the Pacific North West; I have to tell you, we’re not Grand adventure seekers.  You wont find us climbing mountains, white river rafting or crossing bridges that seem to hang by threads in the sky.  Having 3 small kids, while recovering from an extensive foot injury, it’s a wonder I can get out at all!  That being said – my guys are incredibly impressive travelers and seek their own adventures eagerly, and never say no to a trip outdoors – rain or shine.

If you are following us on Instagram, you’d have seen them pulling their weight through Pearson International Airport, and their whole flight experience from Toronto to Seattle – not an easy feat for them at the young ages of 5, 3 & 19 months.

Today’s adventures at Big Gulch Trail was a rainy one.  Just a constant drizzle that was more like a fine mist.  Its day 3 of the drizzle. We knew long before we can here that its wet and rainy – its what its known for, aside from the states giant fur trees.

Big Gulch Trail is right beside out hotel, making it a perfect adventure to conquer before lunch and naps (giving me time to actually write this).


There are photos of slugs in this set – and runny noses.  The slugs were intentional, the runny noses just a bi-product of being out in crisp, cool air while recovering from colds.  I *could* have photoshopped them clean, but I chose to share and remember what they actually look like.


^ Rock Obsessed – That’s our hotel in the back ground. The trail grade is downhill from here.



^ Ollie’s Slug (and runny nose). Isn’t this vest so cute and perfect for our adventures? Below – When Keith told him he should get rid of the slug….

big-gulch-trail-washington_0005big-gulch-trail-washington_0006big-gulch-trail-washington_0007big-gulch-trail-washington_0008big-gulch-trail-washington_0009big-gulch-trail-washington_0011big-gulch-trail-washington_0015 big-gulch-trail-washington_0013big-gulch-trail-washington_0016


Moss is a thing here. Such a tactile, sensory experience, as you’ll see below.

big-gulch-trail-washington_0033 big-gulch-trail-washington_0028 big-gulch-trail-washington_0027 big-gulch-trail-washington_0023 big-gulch-trail-washington_0034big-gulch-trail-washington_0021 big-gulch-trail-washington_0019 big-gulch-trail-washington_0022 big-gulch-trail-washington_0030 big-gulch-trail-washington_0032big-gulch-trail-washington_0025 big-gulch-trail-washington_0036 big-gulch-trail-washington_0037 big-gulch-trail-washington_0038 big-gulch-trail-washington_0039 big-gulch-trail-washington_0020

I am a Canadian wedding photographer and homeschooling Mama – adventures like this really reach me deeply, as I get to play with my camera on a personal level and watch my boys learn from their environment.

I carried my camera with one lens for this; and I chose my 50mm. I was going to go with my sigma 35m art to catch more of the landscape but I really wanted to make my guys the subjects; and had hoped to make a portrait or 2 to print and hang at home.

Our next adventure will be at Mukilteo Beach – we’re expecting sunnier, but colder days – but our exploring wont be defined by weather!

If you want to follow along in real time – tune in to my instagram stories!