Adventures in Washington Continued – Bed Jumping and Charlie Brown Tree Decorating

I’m back tracking here, realizing I haven’t shared all the photos that I wanted to from our trip to Washington.

This was a day that we were kinda stuck inside our hotel – a typically rainy, December day in Washington; but we loved it nonetheless.  We jumped on beds and decorated the small Charlie Brown tree that we got from the QFC down the road.  Actually it wasnt really that Charlie Brown at all; and somehow I think I failed to get a photo of the WHOLE tree finished with all the loving decorations the boys made; but then Im still digging through all the photos so one might pop up yet.

I edited this set in black and white because I loved how it allowed me to play into the light and shadow of the room – I just love a north facing window for luscious moody light!



Keith is very detail oriented – he likes things “Just So”. He may get that from me.


It was a small tree though, and didn’t take him long to complete his masterpiece.

On to bigger and better things!

To the Bed Jumping!




Ollie’s turn. Just look at those curls bounce! EEP!



As usual, no rainy day can keep my guys down 😉