A Letter To All My Children

For this months instalment of A Letter To Our Children; I want to say something to each and every one of my kids starting with the one that stole my heart first, then my first born, moving through all the boys and finishing with my newborn that I hold in my arms. This is also the first time I’ve blogged from my phone…. New concept for me so pardon if it’s an ugly post!

Here goes.


People often ask me if I’m going to try for a girl or if I’m sad I didn’t have a girl…. That’s when I remind them that I do have one!  Most people don’t become moms by default at 16 years old, and that’s exactly what happened with us. You were just the cutest, smartest, happiest 2 year old and impossible not to fall in love with. I got to do your hair and shop for cute clothes and shoes, paint your nails, bake cookies – all the girl things. Our journey wasn’t easy – and I am sooooo happy that you’re in my present day life. I love seeing what you’re doing with your life. I love knowing the adult you’ve become. You have experienced so many amazing life altering moments already and so many more that await you and I am so happy I will get to witness all this!  I don’t worry about you. You’re so strong, and you’ve found an amazing  person to share your life with, the good and the bad.  I’m happy to know both of you. You’re the perfect match.  Brittany, I’m proud to call you my daughter.


Brittany, me and Melody


Brittany and Keith in Santa Clara Cuba


Happy birthday Nick. You’ll be 21 on the 26th. You’re now a man who is kind and gentle; a fantastic sense of humour and well, lucky you – you’re graced with my looks 😉  Doing your own thing, still figuring out what that thing is – you make me realize the world has changed and slowed down a little and we give our young adults grace to determine what path in life we should take instead of pushing you to decide what your next move will be. I often wish I had more influence in your day to day goings on but I get where you’re coming from – your not so different from me you know…. I love you and am proud of you. Just know that.

Nick (blonde!) with big sister Brittany, Halloween circa 1997 I believe

Nick (blonde!) with big sister Brittany, Halloween circa 1997 I believe


Ty. At 16 You are beyond incredible. While some kids seem to struggle in their high school years you THRIVE. You have clear visions, you’re motivated and goal oriented and it’s paying off in spades.  You’re so helpful to me and Adam and respectful to our family and friends. I’m beyond proud of you, and I hope you know how grateful I am for what you do for me.  I love you. I hope that doesn’t embarrass you (likely your friends won’t stumble across this… But don’t hate on me if they ever do????) In that note… I look forward to our next driving lesson. The time we get just the two of us is really fun for me. You’re nearly ready to do a drive through for coffee so let’s get at it!

Alliston young drivers

First driving lesson


You have us all in disbelief every day. You’re  a slave driver with your love for yard work – I’ve never known a child (note, you’re still 3 years old) with so much determination and capabilities to do very grown up things. Grandma says it won’t pass, as your dad was the exact same way. I can see it. But we gotta work on your supervisor skills. It’s probably not a good idea to tell your aunt that she’s not working hard enough lol! Total slave driver mode. Your big brothet skills on the other hand are A-1. You are a parents dream. Kind, gentle and helpful.

Yard work, discovery of the day

Yard work, discovery of the day

Proud 2 time around big brother

Proud 2 time around big brother



Ollie I wrote a whole letter to you on your birthday, but I will add this. You’re now a big brother. I can tell already in just the few days of this status change that you’re unsure of it all. I promise to snuggle you and read to you all I can. We have some routine to try and iron out to get our lives settled, but in no way will you have any less of me, or my heart. You’re my love bug.




You’re HERE!!!! Born April 17 here at home, snuggled in my arms right now… I can’t even believe it.  Having you makes me a mother of 6 – and boy#5 and makes this post very long lol – were an anomoly these days. Big families are rare. But you have an amazing one. I can’t wait to see just what you’re going to be all about. If you could do me one favour and sleep a little tonight as good as you are right now that would be great (wishful thinking I’m sure!).  It doesn’t matter though, I know how fast time flies and that the hard parts that come with having a newborn are the shortest lived of your life. I’ll take all of it and embrace all of it.

Newborn photo iPhone

Life is so beautiful, God gave me so much and blessed me so many times. I’m eternally grateful ❤️


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Dear Love Bug-Alliston Newborn Photographer

Cottage Life -Parry Sound Photographer