5 Tips on How to Have an Amazingly Imperfect Wedding Day

You said YES! You said yes to the dress ! You’ve been planning for months, a year, possibly more.
Venue – Check
Photographer – check
DJ – Check
Florist, caterer, groom’s attire – check, check, check!
Finally it’s your big day and it’s going to be PERFECT!

As an experienced wedding photographer, and former bride myself I just want to reach out and tell you that your wedding day, come what may will be Perfectly Imperfect.  Mary Poppins, look away.

I have a number of friends in the wedding industry. We’ve all seen it. The coolest bride who finds herself in a frenzy because things aren’t going as planned. Stuff happens, we’ll call them “surprises”, but its all in how you prepare YOURSELF for it. Here’s how:

1. Surprise!

Know in your soul that surprises can, and likely will happen. Sometimes they’re big, sometimes they’re measly; but if you let it, it can feel like Mount Vesuvius is errupting.
Your Mottos: Dont make a mountain out of a mole hill.
Bridesmaids – learn the words to Que Sera, or at least the chorus. (This COULD annoy her enough to make her forget about whatever surprise popped up!)


2. Stay hydrated and FED.

Honestly. Nothing sucks worse than low sugar levels mixed with wedding day jitters.
Your Motto: Pass the grub.
Bridesmaids: Lattes & mimosas are awesome, but make sure she eats and drinks something hearty too.


3. Just Breathe.

Take a moment to yourself. Get dressed, slip on your shoes, take a breath away from the hustle and bustle. You might invite your photographer along, as this is a great time for a few iconic bridal portraits as well as some reflection, and mental prep for the rest of the day. Plus your photographer is your friend, and is likely pretty dang skilled at calming a few nerves.
Your Motto: Slow Your Roll
Bridesmaids: Take a moment for yourselves too! You’ve earned it!


4.  Let it GO!

If you can’t submit to the idea of things going wrong – hire a reputable wedding coordinator.  Feel free to email me for a reference for someone that will the perfect fit to help you glide effortlessly through your day.
Your Motto: Let the Pros take care of it.
Bridesmaids: If you see her fretting over the centerpieces, distract her with other things. (This is a real life proven tactic!)


5. The Goal.

Remember what you’re doing all of this for…. You’re getting married!!! This is your FIRST day as husband and wife. Do you want to look back on a tally of things that we’re not perfect or according to plan? Or do you want to remember the love and excitement of getting married along side your best friends, and loving family?
Your Motto: Keep Your Eye on the Prize
Bridesmaids: Tell her to take a deep breath, breath with her… and possibly gently remind her that her photographer is snapping away in the background.





PS – Grooms are NOT exempt or immune to wedding day stress.  These same tips apply to him and his guys.

Have a helpful tip to share with the soon-to-be-wed? Post in the comments!