Christmas is almost here.. I cant believe we’re just over a week away.  I still have tons of shopping. Well, not tons, I never have tons – we’re very minimalistic when it comes to gift giving.  We LOVE to make things, and gift well thought out things, and we LOVE to shop local.

So in the spirit of the holidays, my 5 Random Things are the things I love most about Christmas.

1.  Family. Top of the list, I cant express how much I love getting together with family.  This past week I was able to see some cousins I hadnt seen in a long time, and it made my heart sing. This is Erin (left) and Maegan (right) at Mrs. Mitchell’s where we enjoyed a wonderful tea!
I can’t help but wish that wine selection was in my house though lol


2. Traditions. We’re just starting some for our immediate family (Adam and the boys and I)
2 years running we’ve gone to get a real tree from Laura’s Christmas Tree Farm. 2 years running, we had no snow too; which is fine, and actually I was happy because the boys were able to explore and have a blast. When you arrive at Laura’s you are greeted with candy canes and hand carved ornaments, and there is hot chocolate and a cute little shop with hand carved decor (all done by Laura). And of course the most beautiful, pesticide free trees in the area that you can buy already cut, or cut your own. I just imagine this will be our favourite tradition as the years go by!
Lauras Tree Farm 2

Laura's Tree Farm 1

3. Wrapping. Ok, I dont always love this part lol, but I LOVE getting fancy. Not just for my friends and family, but for my photography clients too! I like “stepping it up” and offering boutique wrapping (at no extra charge), just so I can have an excuse to put a ribbon on something. Note to self: buy more ribbon.
Im quite partial to silver, and snowflakes 😉

4. Baked good. Nuff said.

5. The reason for the season: This gets personal, but I am a big fan of celebrating Christ; despite my lack of attendance at Church. I teach my kids about Jesus, and his B-day, and as the years go by, I hope that I am successful at sharing these values with them, and that the true spirit always comes first. Although, it’s pretty hard to trump a cement truck right now, lol the heart wants what the heart wants!

Thats 5 – I could go on and on, but I have wrapping to do! EEP!