2017 Wedding Photographer Behind The Scenes

I cant wait to show you my 2017 Wedding Photographer Behind The Scene photos, and I do think I’ll do a “Best Of” of “Faves of 2017”, but before I do, I want to share with you what this year actually looked like for me.

Folks. This was a crazy year. I have never cried so much and laughed so hard and Loved with all my being as I did this year.

The summary:

Jan – Broken Foot – 3 months of recovery, and non-weight bearing life.

April – Started Physio Therapy. My baby turned One. He took his first steps before I took mine.

May – Breaks foot again; wedding season begins. Trip to Evansville Indiana.  I started to sink into a depression at this point.

June – My birthday and anniversary month spent on crutches. But at least I got to go to Nashville to see one of my besties and brother from another mother!

July – Back on my feet end of July, shot my first wedding without crutches (But I did use them off and on)

August – still not walking great, starts physio moves to the country in West Grey Ontario – between Hanover and Durham.  You’ll have to google that, its the middle of nowhere and I LOVE it!  Shot my first Home Birth – and I’m in love with this niche!

Sept – Home school starts, and BUSY wedding month.

Oct – Another busy wedding month, last wedding of my year, and my Daughter’s Brittany’s wedding (I really dont like the phrase step daughter,  but I know you’re all thinking Im too young to have a daughter who’s getting married, so for anyone wondering – she’s my ex’s daughter and she and I have a wonderful relationship). 

Nov – Lets get editing! And Album Designing!  I wanted everyone to have their photos and products before Christmas!

Dec – Up to my eye balls in 2018 inquiries, album packaging, more album designing, print orders, and then R&R. I hustled all year – despite injury, illness and the roller coaster it was – We Did IT! And it was a BLAST!

As I write this from my hotel in Washington State, I really am in a place of reflection, on what I feel I really excelled at this year and where I’m going to make some changes for 2018.

A HUGE Thanks to all my couples and boudie babes who enhanced my life. I truly love what I do because of you.  We bonded, became friends, and that’s the number 1 perk of the job.   You let me into your lives, let me photograph your awesomeness, and I am eternally grateful.

A huge thanks and hugs to my Assistant Jess, and my Associate Hyla, and my Prime & Second shooters BJ, Kristin, Maranda and Amy & Alex.  You gals came through for me in so many ways, and that meant the world to me.  Also to my fabulous makeup artist Jordan – for creating magic with me, over and over again this year. I love you girl!

Alas – Here are some #BTS (Behind the Scenes) shots that remind me just how awesome it all was.


Posing a bridal party on crutches


Jess helping me out – I think I only leaned and kneeled on that step ladder.  Rockin the air cast.


Adjusting boutonnieres. Rockin the air cast.



Listening to an emotional Father of the Bride as he tells me about his daughter when she was little.


First wedding that I got the OK to walk – but still needed my crutches for a good part of the day.



Alex, gearing up to read out family portrait groupings!


Keeping Steps’s gown clean


veil fun


More veil fun at Trillium Resort


Sitting among all of our crap all over the place as we prep for an outdoor first dance.


Atmosphere aerosol is a super fun, creative photographers tool. I like it. So does Jess.



Taking a walk through the church before the ceremony – low light, no flash allowed, so high ISO is the name of the game for this one.


Having a blast at this Toronto Wedding


Some lightly directed posing during some bridal portraits at Hidden Valley Resort


Left: Amy (behind the bride) sees a spider – Right: Bridesmaids to the rescue!


Amy getting some nice, high perspectives for me.


Putting my feet up after the ceremony (still recovering from my injuries)- I love that HUGE Muskoka chair they have at Trillium Resort!


More boutonniere work. I handed my camera to the groom and he snapped some shots too lol!


I have no idea why were BOTH bending down! LOL! I just loved his smile too. So contagious.


Hyla, organizing the chaos that sometimes comes with family photos. We expect and embrace the chaos – sometimes its like herding cats but we’re good at it 🙂


Hyla adjusting Jessie’s gown


More veil play at Nottawasaga Inn.


Me, at the finish point to my 2017 year!


This was just a handful that I collected up – but I liked doing this wedding photographer behind the scenes post so I’ll collect more as I go for next year!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Warmly, with Love,